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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Tony Moly Angel Glow Ring Hair Mask review

  A concentrated nourishing treatment mask for the hair.

Tony Moly Angel Glow Ring Hair Mask review

For some 12-15 years, I washed my short hair every day, with a sulphate-shampoo and never conditioned. I sported a Princess-Di haircut from childhood until my Masters' degree, and never bothered to oil or treat my hair and only began caring for it about two years ago. Obviously, the decades of neglect told on my hair, which is now dry, damaged, brittle and incredibly frizzy. Plus, I want to grow it for as long as I can. What I do now is, wash it two times a week with a mild sulphate-free shampoo, condition, air-dry and use a de-frizzing serum. Once a week, I apply a deep-conditioning pack.
The Tony Moly Angel Glow Ring Hair Mask (PR sample) is a very affordable, two-step concentrated nourishing treatment for damaged hair. It costs just $5.33 on, who ship worldwide (usually free, though tracking costs $2.50). The product has a funny name, but promises bouncier and smoother locks, which I've always coveted. Best of all, once you apply it to the hair, it is not going to transfer to the head-rest, chair or the pillow, as you will see below.

Read on for my review of the Tony Moly Angel Glow Ring Hair Mask.

This is packaged like a sheet mask. There are two sections - 15gm of concentrated hair treatment and a hair cap containing 5gm of "essence". The treatment contains argan oil, honey, royal jelly (secreted by honey bees) and a host of other goodies for the hair. It contains NO cones (silicones).
There is a mild vanilla fragrance to the whole thing, but that could be because it actually contains vanilla extracts. Nothing remotely menthol-ish. All other Korean hair care products I have tried so far have been too menthol-ish on my hair, which I hate. I'm glad this one is an exception.
Tony Moly Angel Glow Ring Hair Mask review

What you do is, apply the treatment evenly all over the hair and then seal it in with the hair essence cap, as you see in the photograph below. The product is non-greasy. The cap prevents product transfer and contains hair essence that soaks in. You can apply a towel to retain heat but I get along just as well without it. The cap doesn't feel uncomfortable.
The packaging recommends leaving the mask and cap on for 20 minutes before shampooing but I have left it on overnight and seen better results. It was easy enough to wash out with a mild, sulphate-free shampoo (Burt's Bees Raspberry and Brazil Nut).
Tony Moly Angel Glow Ring Hair Mask review

Now I'd rather not waffle on and on. Here is a picture of my hair BEFORE I began treatment. Unstyled, un-blow-dried. There is enough frizz to make me a dead ringer for Hermione Granger. Though I'll definitely not marry Ron Weasley.

Tony Moly Angel Glow Ring Hair Mask review

Here is a photo after one treatment. Unstyled, unblow-dried, un-oiled, unbrushed, un-anything. Just washed and detangled.
The colour difference is only because the above photo was in direct sunlight and the below photo is in artificial light.
Tony Moly Angel Glow Ring Hair Mask review


I can see definite reduction in frizz. My hair is visibly smoother and not as wild and woolly. If I blow-dry after using this mask, my hair becomes perfectly straight and glossy, but, as I said, I try to avoid blow-drying as far as possible. Used once a week, this mask certainly helps with frizz and helps detangle my hair faster.
The Tony Moly Angel Glow Ring Hair Mask is available here on It costs a mere $5.33, which is far, far less than a basic hair treatment at a salon. I don't know how they can even produce it for that cost. Plus, sends out a bunch of free samples with each order, ships free worldwide and costs $2.50 for worldwide tracked postage! I love me an affordable hair treatment and will definitely repurchase this - it is not often that I find hair treatment products that actually de-frizz!

Do you have frizzy hair? What do you do for it and does it work? Tell me in the Disqus comments widget below.

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