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Friday, May 15, 2015

So Susan Cosmetics Liquid Powder Shadow Palette review, swatches

 Bright blues and purples for the Summer.

So Susan Cosmetics Liquid Powder Shadow Palette review, swatches

The March 2015 Lip Love Monthly beauty bag (here) had an eyeshadow palette from So Susan Cosmetics, with eight shades, including blues and purples for the Summer. The shadows are made with a unique Liquid-Powder formula, where liquid eyeshadow is poured hot and solidified to form a creamy powder - these certainly feel creamy. The cream-powder formula makes the shadows melt into the skin, prevents them from drying, minimises fallout and makes them long-lasting. Plus, these eyeshadows contain Vitamin K for dark circles and copper peptides to promote collagen and elastin around the eye area.

Scroll down for the review and swatches of the So Susan Cosmetics Liquid Powder Shadow Palette in Gatsby Girl.

The packaging is bright and compact, though made of basic plastic, and comes with a small mirror. The applicator is one of those sponge tips which I only use for swatching.
These palettes are available in four shade variations:
  • Gatsby Girl (featured; mostly blues and purples)
  • Midnight Goddess (mostly greens)
  • Radiant Glow (mostly neutrals)
  • Sumptuous Smoke (mostly plums)
These palettes are cruelty-free and do not contain mineral oils, phthalates or animal by-products..

Formula-wise, the eyeshadows are creamy and there isn't as much fallout as I expected. They are more pigmented than I expected, and are easy to blend. I have not noticed creasing, but I always wear primer on my eyelids first.
I am not a huge fan of the pink eyeshadow in this palette (pink shadow makes me look ill) but the rest of the shades, I love. The yellow shadow disappears into my skintone while the others are beautiful and come with just enough shimmer for my liking. 

Here are swatches on bare skin:
So Susan Cosmetics Liquid Powder Shadow Palette review, swatches


I love the shade selection in this palette. None of these is too sickly-pale, nor too dark. There are too many palettes with a dozen pale shimmery shades and another half a dozen pitch-black clones, so this is a welcome mix. If you love purple, blue and blurple and cruelty-free makeup, buy, buy, buy!
For $14.95, this palette is a good deal, since you get eight shadows. I am thinking of getting Sumptuous Smoke and Midnight Goddess for Autumn. Those plums are so pretty. I would love to see larger palettes with a dozen or so shades, from So Susan - a nice Autumn/Winter 2015 palette would be just the thing.
So Susan Cosmetics ships worldwide and you can buy the palettes, monthly beauty bags and other products here. Code R8BOkHTT will give you a small discount.

What eyeshadow shades do you love in Spring/Summer?

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