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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Wimbledon Essentials skincare by Arran Aromatics

Wimbledon was over last week but these Wimbledon-themed skincare products will be needed all year long.

Wimbledon Essentials skincare by Arran Aromatics

What has Wimbledon got to do with beauty, you ask - apart from the lovely players and the celebrities watching them? You can now buy Wimbledon-themed beauty products, that's what!
I was on my second-ever visit to Wimbledon this Summer (Met Serena Williams, Andy Murray and Marin Cilic this time) when I saw the Wimbledon Essentials set in the gift shop. They also had a set of soaps.
This set is made by Arran Aromatics, a company based in the scenic Isle of Arran, Scotland. Apparently, the company is one of the biggest employers on the island. Arran Aromatics was founded by a couple named Russell (in their kitchen) in 1989, and they only use ingredients that are sourced locally.

More about the Wimbledon Essentials skincare set by Arran Aromatics below. 

The Wimbledon Essentials set by Arran Aromatics contains the following products:
  • Hand & Nail Cream
  • Honey & Lemon Lip Balm
  • Green Tea Eye Gel
  • All Weather Moisturiser
  • Aloe Vera Gel
Wimbledon Essentials skincare by Arran Aromatics

Everything in this set smells so, so good. I have been using the eye gel and the hand and nail cream and I can't rave about them enough. The texture is creamy and light. The eye gel is cooling and super-hydrating while the hand and nail cream is helping my "grey", tortured fingers recover after a month's absence from hand cream.
All of these are paraben-free and are not tested on animals. They are also free of animal ingredients apart from honey and beeswax.
Wimbledon Essentials skincare by Arran Aromatics

At Wimbledon, the SA told me that Arran Aromatics offers guided tours of their facility on Thursdays in the Summer, and the island is a must-see, but my schedule was so packed that I couldn't make it past Edinburgh. I have been looking at photos of the premises on TripAdvisor and am regretting not squeezing in a visit somehow. Apparently, the gift shop offers their products at bargain prices. If you go anywhere near Scotland, please do visit and let me know how it was so I can live vicariously at least. 

My biggest regret is not visiting the Isle of Arran and going on the factory tour. If these pots smell so good, I can only imagine how good the farm (where Arran Aromatics is based) would smell. I also regret not buying multiples of these.
One of the nicest things about travelling is discovering new beauty brands from around the world. I would say Arran Aromatics is my favourite beauty discovery from the UK this year.
If you would like to try out a few things from Arran Aromatics, do check out Bath & Unwind - they ship worldwide for free. Sadly, the Wimbledon Essentials set is only available at Wimbledon itself, but you can check out other products from their range.

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