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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Personalised Blog, Life and Work Planners for 2016

Have you got your planners for 2016?  I ordered mine a few months ago. As soon as I learned to write, I had begun keeping a daily diary and had wall-planners from my high school days, but swapped both diary and wall-planner for a planner notebook two years ago.
I patronised boringly respectable, dour business organiser-style planners, but decided to go in for something more fun this year. But you cannot take the nerd out of me at one go, so I got two planners from - a formal planner, and a somewhat more fun planner for the blog.

Scroll down to check out these personalised year planners for 2016 and where you can buy them.

Personalised year planners for 2016 and where to buy them is run by a Swedish couple who started out when the wife - Paula - sought a planner to meet her needs and the husband, Anders, decided to surprise her by making one. Word spread and today, they ship worldwide.
Best of all, you can personalise everything about your planner from size, dates, covers and colours to every element in the inside pages as well. Being artistically-challenged and INCREDIBLY lazy about these things - even for printables - I took the easy way out and chose the generic designs on offer and opted for ruled pages.
If, like me, you dislike long drawn-out order processes, the entire personalisation takes only six or so painless steps. I would have lumped it otherwise! Rulers are included in the price and you can decide what to do with the last few pages, and whether to include workout segments for each day. 
I opted for the smallest planners on offer - 5'' x 4'' - so I could squeeze them into already burgeoning handbags, laptop cases and pockets. You can go up to wide and A5 sizes on there. You can also get a nice leather Filofax-style holder (again, I'm too can't-be-bothered here for all that).
Personalised year planners for 2016 and where to buy them

Since I picked pocket planners AND because I am narcissistic enough to want to stare at my cursive handwriting, there isn't much space for decoration. Not that I would have bothered much anyway, but I decided to spice up the blog planner a bit with a couple of stickers here and there - I asked my niece to choose her favourite characters and she had fun picking the Smurfs, Shrek, Winnie the Pooh, Harry Potter and so on. I left the official planner sticker-free.
Personalised year planners for 2016 and where to buy them

I only ever use fountain pens and dislike biros, so I won't be making the blog planner any more colourful than you see below. For the more talented people, they also offer coloured biros and other accessories.
Personalised year planners for 2016 and where to buy them

Where to buy

Hit Prices start at $29 for these planners, BUT are inclusive of worldwide shipping from Sweden, which took just a week in my case. As I said, you can customise everything from cover to cover, or opt for one of the designs on offer. For those who tend to misplace their planners *COUGH* me *COUGH* they also offer wall planners. Best of all, you get a 10% discount with each planner, which makes me sure I will be buying from them for 2017.

Have you already got your 2016 planner? From where, and how have you decorated it? Tell me in the Disqus comments widget below. 

Disclaimer: I bought this. NO affiliate links. Seller has no idea I exist.

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