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Monday, March 28, 2016

Island Kiss Tropique Pomade Lip Moisturisers

Bad beauty habit confession: I tend to bite, pinch, poke, pull, scratch and chew my lips when stressed. And peel my nails, but we can psychoanalyse me another day. End result: I have seriously flaky, dry lips all the time. Which means I run through lip balms faster than I should.
Enter Island Kiss Tropique Lip Pomades (PR Sample). These are 100% natural, phthalate-, lead-, sulphate-, petroleum and paraben-free lip moisturisers, made of cold-pressed plant-based essential oils and butters. I have three from their 2016 Collection to show you.

Scroll down for a closer look at Island Kiss Tropique Pomade Lip Moisturisers. 

Island Kiss Tropique Pomade Lip Moisturisers Review

Island Kiss Tropique Lip Pomades are the brainchild of Shaili, a graduate of the US-based Herbal Academy of New England. The lip moisturisers come in sassy packaging, a la theBalm or Aussie brand Glamourflage. I am a sucker for this sort of risque packaging, which explains why I have every single palette produced by theBalm.
Island Kiss Tropique Pomade Lip Moisturisers Review

At the mo', there are three variants in the range - Alma Vanilla & Inges Lavender, Puerto Berry Blush and Cherry Blossom Flores. These come in squeezable tubes. At 14g per tube, you get more bang for your buck than the regular 4.25g lip balm sticks. They glide on like jelly on the lips but are not sticky or waxy at all. The hydrated feeling stays on nicely and I reapply only after food and drink.
Island Kiss Tropique Pomade Lip Moisturisers Review

These contain no artificial colouring or fragrance and are not tested on animals. They are safe enough to eat and because they are water-free, they do not contain chemical preservatives or emulsifiers. Ingredients include unrefined, organic avocado and mango butters, carrot seed and castor oils, kokum, macadamia seed oil and stevia. The butters and oils are cold-pressed or centrifuged and processed at a temperature lower than 120 degrees, to preserve their enzyme structure. The lip pomades are made to order, so the tubes are less than a week old when they ship.
You won't find artificial fragrances or colouring in these. The sweet flavouring comes from stevia, which is a plant-derived sugar substitute.
Note the flirty inserts that come with each tube. These are going to be used as bookmarks. 
Island Kiss Tropique Pomade Lip Moisturisers Review

From top to bottom, a look at the three pomades:
Alma Vanilla and Inges Lavender: Has the lightest transparent purple hue but goes on colourless. My favourite of the three.
Cherry Blossom Flores: Bubblegum-hued. Described as "bunny pink tint". I wear this on nights in so I don't scare the world as The Great Lipless Wonder.
Puerto Berry Blush: Fuchsia with red tints. The most pigmented; leaves behind a stain that lasts all day.
Island Kiss Tropique Pomade Lip Moisturisers Review

Verdict and where to buy

Smooth, non-tacky, non-waxy, sweet-smelling, nasty-free and in cute packaging. What's not to like about the Island Kiss Tropique Lip Pomades? These are now my go-to lip balms.
If I had to nitpick, I would say they could do with more variants in the range. Perhaps a dusty rose tint, to rock my world? Coral and vampy berry tints to adapt to seasons? And newer fragrances/flavours? Island Kiss is launching a lip exfoliator and a lip rejuvenator shortly - I cannot wait to try them out!
To buy, go here. They ship worldwide. Currently, only online retail is available, but they plan to launch in-store soon. I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more from this sassy young brand.

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