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Sunday, April 10, 2016

iPhone Skins For Beauty Lovers

My Dad gave me an iPhone 6S in rose gold for Christmas, thereby marking the end of a decade's association with Sony [Ericsson], which had started with the T610 and gone on through a couple of Xperias. In fairness, my Xperia was on its last legs after all the abuse it suffered at my rough hands.
It took me a while to warm to the iPhone. The Xperias, I felt, looked way cooler. "Get a skin," suggested Dad, showing me his Charles Bronson - in The Evil That Men Do - skin. I picked these up in the local mobile accessories mart.

iPhone Skins For Beauty Lovers

Brilliant, aren't they? I especially love the Tom Ford skin. They had other skins featuring several random images of lipsticks, lips, compacts and so on, but only these two "spoke" to me. I am sure these are available easily online in accessories stores. I also ordered a few skins featuring my favourite musicals online and am awaiting their arrival.

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