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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Holiday 2016: Decleor's Advent Calendar Looks Beautiful

Over the last week, I mentioned the LookFantastic Beauty Secret Advent Calendar and Asos Beauty Advent Calendar for 2016. Click on the names for details and to order. Both contain a mix of various brands, and are still available.
Of late, many brands have been coming out with their exclusive Advent Calendars. This year, French skincare brand Decleor has debuted their Advent Calendar, and the packaging is certainly the prettiest Advent Calendar I've posted about so far! The colour scheme is a stunning gold and black.
The Decleor Advent Calendar contains 25 products. Price, how to order, and contents (of which 19 are face products) are further below.
SPOILER ALERT: Avoid reading further if you do not wish to see what this calendar contains.

Scroll down for more details about the Decleor Advent Calendar for Holiday 2016

Decleor's Beauty Advent Calendar for Holiday 2016 contains 25 products and ships worldwide.

The Decleor Advent Calendar costs £60 and contains products worth £180.

Decleor's Beauty Advent Calendar for Holiday 2016 contains 25 products and ships worldwide.
The products included are:
  1. 1000 Grain Body Exfoliator
  2. 24-Hour Hydrating Light Cream
  3. Alguaromes Toning Shower Gel
  4. Aromessence Iris
  5. Aromessence Mandarine
  6. Aromessence Neroli
  7. Aromessence Neroli Night Balm
  8. Aromalisse Cream
  9. Aromessence Svelt
  10. Aurabsolu Eyes Corrector
  11. Aurabsolu Intense Glow Cream
  12. BB Medium Cream
  13. Essential Cleansing Milk
  14. Hand Cream
  15. Hydra Floral light Cream
  16. Hydra Floral Mask
  17. Life Radiance Mask
  18. Micellar Oil
  19. Mousse Hydra Eclat
  20. Phytopeel
  21. Prolagene Lift Mask
  22. Rich Cream Prolagene Lift
  23. Satin Soft Dry Oil
  24. Systeme Corps Body Milk
  25. Tonifying lotion
I spy just the one makeup product in there, but then Decleor IS a skincare brand. Nonetheless, this is a great deal where you pay £60 for 25 products worth £180, including the very popular Aromessence range. It is also a great way of trying out a variety of Decleor products. And the calendar itself is stunning!
To order the Decleor Advent Calendar 2016, go here - worldwide shipping free. Hurry before they are all gone! 

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