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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Holiday Makeup Giveaway 2017 Results

It took me a full 10 days to verify the entries of the Holiday 2017 Makeup Giveaway. That is because my beloved Gramps was ill over the last couple of weeks. He was rushed to hospital after spitting up blood. Thankfully, they identified the ruptured blood vessel and healed it, BUT the bad news is that the dreaded cancer is back.
Holiday Makeup Giveaway 2017 ResultsI haven't dealt very well with it. This is the man who pretty much raised me, and is more or less responsible for my life ethic, as well as my interest in literature and history.
Gramps is known as the "Godfather of Shipping" in Cochin Port - several generations in the family, from his grandfather and father, down to my own Dad, have worked in the shipping industry, and some 15 years after retirement, Gramps still gets visitors every day to clear doubts regarding freight transport processes.
And, when I broke down in front of him last week, he berated me soundly for the breakdown, and also for neglecting my blog and YouTube - apparently he watches out for my videos. It made me howl all the more.
Anyway, you know I hate talking about personal stuff in here. It's just that we've had a real scare with him, and he's my absolute hero.
So, on to the Holiday 2017 Giveaway results. Drumroll....

Before I forget - you only get the makeup pictured! The four drum-like Christmas ornaments aren't part of the prize, haha. Anyway, they've all been packed up on Epiphany, and won't come out until Advent 2018.

Also, in CASE the PO forbids me from sending something in the picture above, I'll make sure I add something else instead

Holiday Makeup Giveaway 2017

Congratulations! Please send me the following:
Full name.
CORRECT and full postal address (Please verify this. A recent winner gave me the wrong address, and I was fined $20, and the package was returned to me).
Postal code
Telephone number, including country code (For your local postal people to contact you for delivery only. I am NOT a scammer; nor do I sell/share your details with anyone else. So if you get a call from Sumgai about your computer or bank account, no, that's not me. I have another, fulfilling job).

Sorry for sounding finicky. As I said above, there have been hiccups, so let's avoid them as far as poss.
I will be sending this by registered post, sometime next week (depending on my schedule, and when I hear from you); the packet will require a signature on delivery, so please make sure there's someone around to sign for it.
It COULD take a month or eight weeks to arrive, given that a Christmas card I sent on November 28 only reached Australia on Friday. There's plenty of Holiday backlog in the postal systems, I suppose.

To those who did not win - the next giveaway goes live on January 15! Why? Because it is my FIFTH blogiversary! FIVE whole years since I started blogging. There hasn't been much by way of growth, but I've certainly enjoyed every moment of it! Stay tuned xoxo

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