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Monday, January 14, 2019

Holiday 2018 Giveaway Results+ Giveaway Announcements

The first thing to do is apologise to you for being AWOL on this blog. Without going into a sob-story, or airing my laundry here, 2019 hasn't had the greatest of starts for me. And, just when I thought life was beginning to look up in the second week, my Dad ends up diagnosed with multiple brain clots, peripheral neuropathy, and an odontoid fracture. Hopefully, things will improve as the year progresses.
Which is why I was not only AWOL, but also late with these results.
Now, before I tell you the results, here's the plan for the next couple of giveaways. I have a fabulous, fun beauty-themed 2019 year planner that I got as a GWP from The Face Shop (no, it's BIG, not small) - I got two as I had two skincare hauls - to give away first. That giveaway goes live within a couple of hours of this post, but will end in two weeks, because you want your 2019 planner sooner rather than later. Trust me, it is a seriously fun planner and a must-have for every beauty junkie!
There will obviously be a makeup giveaway for my blogiversary, but it starts in the last week of January (depending on my schedule) - so do stay tuned for that. Hint: Hello Kitty is involved!
Right. Now that I've whetted your appetites, let's get on with the results of the Holiday 2019 giveaway.

Holiday 2018 Giveaway Results

The winner is:
Holiday Makeup Giveaway 2018 Open Worldwide

Congratulations! Please send me your:
  • Name
  • FULL address
  • Post code
  • Country
  • Telephone number INCLUDING country code (this is purely for postal purposes, for them to contact you in case you're away when the package arrives. I vow I don't keep or share any of this information). 
In case the PO doesn't allow one/more of the items pictured above, I'll have to replace them with something else of equal value. Please note that postal delays could mean your prize MAY take up to six weeks to arrive.

To those who didn't win this time - we'll have year-round opportunities to win something on this blog/video channel. Starting with a fun beauty-themed year planner, going live later today, so stay tuned for all that!

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