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Lush Aqua Marina cleanser review, photos

I had been eyeing the Lush cleansers for a while and caved to Aqua Marina, because of the pink-and-green combination. Don't be taken in by the looks! It looks much better than in the photograph. The Lush label says "Inspired by mermaids"!
I can't remember how much I paid for it, but what they do is, weigh it out and stuff it into the Lush black pot, ruining the pretty shape. While 100gm is the standard, I asked for a full roll.

Here is my review of Lush Aqua Marina cleanser.

Consistency: Thick, clay-like. Only a peanut-sized amount is required for the whole face, ears and half the neck!
Formula: On the face, it becomes a cream with tiny mossy bits of the green, which is probably seaweed. If you are looking for a lather-based cleanser, this is not for you; it is cream-based and deep-cleansing. It is extremely gentle, and I cannot say this enough. You can feel how gentle it is on the skin.
Smell: Fresh, seaside smell. I like it, some may not.
Effectiveness: Does a very good job removing my make-up and leaves the skin soft, refreshed and glowing. However, it isn't very good for removing or preventing break-outs, though it doesn't cause any.
Would I repurchase? Yes. I would like to try out a couple of other Lush cleansers, though I see this being a staple for make-up removal and when my face has been treated badly by me/other products.
P.S. My grandad is undergoing a biopsy on 29 April. I'm praying hard that the result is non-malignant. Please do wish us luck when you have a moment.
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  1. i love lush face packs.. yet to try their cleansers.. don't worry ur grandpa will be healthy and fine.. :)

  2. Inspired by mermaids?Wow:) Looks like a cool product:) Beautiful review Renu:)

  3. Wishing you and your family luck...don't worry, ur grandfather will be fine..take care.

  4. wishing your grand dad lots of luck .. he will be all fine ..

  5. Good review. You make some products sound so tempting! I hope your grandpa's results will turn up normal. Keeping you in my prayers and fingers crossed. Hug from across the pond. :)

  6. looks yuck.. nevertheless its lush.. worth a try...

    which skin type would this suit?

    ur grandpa will be fine... reports will be normal... relax dear :)

  7. Ooh this is really lovely, I am a big fan but like you wanted (and did) try other cleansers xx

  8. Wow I have never seen anything quite like it before.

    Best thoughts for your Grandad.

    Jac xx

  9. ahh lush.....wanted to try some products badly...lucky you that you got it....

  10. Thanks so much for your lovely wishes and thoughts, everyone. Fingers crossed!
    @HnB: The Lush SAs told me it would suit any skin type because it's really gentle, but I think it won't really cure breakouts.
    @Louise: Rofl - thank you for making me laugh. That's exactly how I reacted when I saw it - "Is that a dead thing with moss growth?" Think Lush may have lost a couple of customers who overheard me.

  11. Okay.. Seeing the picture, my first impression was "EWW! What's that?" I'm not really a fan of seaweeds or anything that looks like it.. But then I read your review and immediately thought it must not be all that bad. ( The "Inspired by Mermaids" thing cracked me up, by the way) About your grandpa, Let's just continue to pray for his health.. I believe nothing bad will show up in the results. xoxo

  12. Wish your grandpa good health :)

    Looks yucky, does it smells fishy?

  13. Nice Review REnu Hope you are doing great :)


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