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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lush Aqua Marina cleanser review, photos

I had been eyeing the Lush cleansers for a while and caved to Aqua Marina, because of the pink-and-green combination. Don't be taken in by the looks! It looks much better than in the photograph. The Lush label says "Inspired by mermaids"!
I can't remember how much I paid for it, but what they do is, weigh it out and stuff it into the Lush black pot, ruining the pretty shape. While 100gm is the standard, I asked for a full roll.

Here is my review of Lush Aqua Marina cleanser.

Consistency: Thick, clay-like. Only a peanut-sized amount is required for the whole face, ears and half the neck!
Formula: On the face, it becomes a cream with tiny mossy bits of the green, which is probably seaweed. If you are looking for a lather-based cleanser, this is not for you; it is cream-based and deep-cleansing. It is extremely gentle, and I cannot say this enough. You can feel how gentle it is on the skin.
Smell: Fresh, seaside smell. I like it, some may not.
Effectiveness: Does a very good job removing my make-up and leaves the skin soft, refreshed and glowing. However, it isn't very good for removing or preventing break-outs, though it doesn't cause any.
Would I repurchase? Yes. I would like to try out a couple of other Lush cleansers, though I see this being a staple for make-up removal and when my face has been treated badly by me/other products.
P.S. My grandad is undergoing a biopsy on 29 April. I'm praying hard that the result is non-malignant. Please do wish us luck when you have a moment.

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