Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Manicure: Estee Lauder nail polish in Hot Coral and flakie

Estee Lauder nail polish in Hot Coral swatch and review
I'm not a season/trend person and it took me a while to cotton on to the coral-in-summer-2013 trend. But I had received an Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Hot Coral for my birthday and fell in love with the super-fab packaging and the colour. It is my most expensive polish till date.

Estee Lauder nail polish in Hot Coral swatch and reviewI'm wearing two coats of Hot Coral over one coat of Rimmel All White Now, and topped it up with one coat of NYX Peach Avenue. Estee Lauder's formula was trickier than O.P.I., though definitely less streakier than Essie.
It dried to a shiny porcelain/glossy creme finish which I loved. I baked a cake for my Dad's birthday yesterday and despite the deseeding, peeling, chopping, mixing, beating, grating and cooking, the polish hasn't budged even at the tips - I've read a tonne of reviews where EL polishes have chipped within hours, so I suppose I was a bit lucky for once!
Hot Coral isn't as flaming as these pictures depict - it comes out a bit more reddish than it looks in the bottle. We've had the sun out for the first time since May end, and the colours look more neon. It is a lovely coral with red tones. Peach Avenue added to the orange-ness, though I can't seem to capture the flakes clearly on camera.

Estee Lauder nail polish in Hot Coral swatch and review



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