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Hallowe'en Special: Seven Deadly Sins link party

No, not the Seven Deadly Beauty Sins post (here). This is a link-up for Hallowe'en that I found on Nina's Bargain Beauty - who in turn found it on Whispering Sweet Nothings. And since my NaNoWriMo 2013 project is titled (for now) "Seven Deadly Shimmers" (christened by one of the more creative people on their forum), I figured the timing was right for me to do this link-up.

To participate, all you need to do is copy and paste this, link-up, and have fun finding out others' guilty pleasures.
Seven great things in your life.
1. A fabulous set of parents and grandparents.
2. Education - I am a Commonwealth Scholar and consider the award the best thing to happen to me so far.
3. Hobbies - passions, really - which keep me occupied forever.
4. Some great dreams and ambitions.
5. My writing and career.
6. My car. I love how I've made it feel like home.
7.  An enviable collection of books, antiques, autographs and whatnot!
Seven things you lack and covet.
1. A Victoria Cross - preferably one awarded by QV herself.
2. A baby daughter - will get there some day.
3. Flawless skin and hair.
4. More time and money. And more love. Can't ever have enough of these.
5. A secure future - secure and settled in every way.
6. Book contracts from leading publishing houses for my work - will get there some day.
7. Every copy of The Illustrated London News ever published.
Seven things that make you angry.
1. Queue-jumping.
2. People who overtake on the wrong side on the road, use mobile phones while driving, forget signals and so on.
3. Certain members of my extended family. Can't they let you choose your relatives?
4. Differences over religion, colour and other barriers.
5.  Liars. I was once victim of a cold-blooded liar who accused me of saying something I didn't ever say - at a former workplace. And I hate it that she got away with it and there are people who still believe the cow.
6. One-upmanship. Sadly, there is so much of this going on now.
7.  Being outbid on eBay at the last minute, despite sniping.
Seven things that you neglect to do.
1. Put things away in their proper places.
2. Use makeup remover.
3. Moisturise all over.
4. Work out three to four times a week.
5.  Keep my temper and remain calm always.
6. Stay away from ice cream for a whole month.
7. Visit my dentist for check-ups every six months.
Seven worldly material desires.
1. For my books to become published (okay, there's going to be repetition here from Envy).
2.  A Victoria Cross.
3.  A trip to Waterloo in 2015 (I willlll go!)
4.  A trip to Crimea/The Black Sea area some day.
5.  Meet/date/hang out with/marry/be in (mutual) love with my celebrity crush(es).
6. To be fluent in Spanish.
7. Some rare fountain pens (rarer than the ones I own; so rare that they're unavailable).
Seven guilty pleasures.
1. Reading the odd romance novel, especially those set in the regency :D
2. The odd chick-lit novel :D
3. Dancing to The Rolling Stones with a hairbrush in my hand, when no one's around. 
4. Day-dreaming. My involuntary dreams at night involve chasing smugglers and busting human organ trafficking so the day-dreams are a lot more mellow :D
5. White chocolate.
6. Rom-coms.
7. It used to be Downton Abbey. I've stopped watching it forever this season, though.
Seven things you love about love.
1. The high and the confidence it gives you.
2. An extra twinkle in your eyes.
3. Holding hands.
   4. Watching movies together.
5. Having someone who accepts you the way you are, no questions.
6. Having someone you can sit down and talk to, about anything, no apprehensions.
7. The smiles.
How long will this linky remain open? Till Hallowe'en, you guessed it!  Happy trails!
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  1. It was nice reading the post Renu :) Maybe I ll add mine to the linky soon :) & ....I want a daughter too!

    1. Thanks, Ray! Somehow, I haven't fallen prey to the singleminded desire for a son. Will defo read your post!

  2. Thank you for the mention hunny hope you enjoyed it :)

    1. Thank you! Loved doing this post!

  3. Really enjoyed reading this post. I really wanted a daughter too...but now, after two boys, there's no way I'm gonna try my luck for a third time!

    1. Haha it's all chance, really. It would be nice to have a girl around to teach all about makeup and share girly talk, though!


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