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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Befine Food Skincare Warming Clay Face Mask review, use and results

Befine Warming Clay Face Mask review, usage and results
I got the Befine Food Skin Care Warming Clay Mask in my October Lip Factory box (see here). Having tried the Befine Exfoliating Cleanser in the June Lip Factory box and loved it, I decided to "de-sachet" the mask pachette. Although it said "single serve" on the packet, I got enough for four full uses out of the mask after emptying the lot into a Lush sample pot. And, it became my favourite face mask. It is suitable for all skin types - I have oily skin and find this mask suitable for me.
Befine Fine Food Skin Care is a New Jersey-based company that specialises in natural skin care products made out of food/edible ingredients. What's not to love? Their products are paraben-free, vegetarian protein-based and contain allergen-free fragrance.

What is the Befine Food Skin Care Warming Clay Mask?

Befine claims this is a purifying clay mask that fights free radicals, and warms up on contact with the skin to unclog pores. The clay removes excess sebum while pomegranate and cardamom fight wrinkles. Arnica soothes and has anti-inflammatory properties. As you can see from the ingredients, there are no parabens. I can see safflower, citric acid, kaolin, orange oil, camphor, caramom seed extract, arnica montana flower extract and punica granatum extract, among the ingredients.
Befine Warming Clay Face Mask review, usage and results

How to use the Befine Food Skin Care Warming Clay Mask:

I moistened my face thoroughly with water and applied a thin layer of the mask evenly. There was a nice, comfortable warmth on my face. Nothing too hot, and the warm feeling didn't last too long - maybe 15-20 seconds, before it cooled down. The mask dried up soon enough, and I found that splashing the face liberally with water first makes it easy to get the mask off - and then you massage your face in circles with more water. Incidentally, this is how much I had left after one use. And since you only need a thin layer, this amount covers the whole face for at least three uses.
Befine Warming Clay Face Mask review, usage and results

Results with the Befine Food Skin Care Warming Clay Mask:

Immediately on washing off the mask, my face isn't dry, but has a dewy look and feel. This is usually a red-alert for oil-residue and breakouts on my acne-prone skin. The first time I used this mask, I scrubbed off the moisture with a wet towel, but let it stay the second time - no breakouts appeared. I didn't moisturise afterwards, but went straight to my pore-minimising and anti-acne regimen. The soft look lasted till the next morning and I got away without moisturising, and then it disappeared under my makeup, haha. This is the mask on my cheek (giant pores and all):
Befine Warming Clay Face Mask review, usage and results

Immediately on washing off the mask, the giant pores looks smaller and feel cleaner. I know that's a bit of a paradox, given the residue, but my face does feel cleaner (though much damper) and the pores less "heavy". There isn't any tightening either, although I didn't notice any difference to oil control.
Repurchase? I have enough for one final use, which I'm saving for December - stashed in my 'fridge. Once that is done, I'll redeem my Lip Factory points for this!

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