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Petition to Memebox to restore shipping worldwide

Petition to Memebox to restore shipping worldwide, including to India, Malaysia, Israel, Mexico and other countries.Dear reader (yes, you),
You have been a huge source of support and inspiration for my blog, and now I need your assistance to get our collective hands on a beauty box. I'll tell you how you alone can help me out.
Since mid-2013, My Beauty Junction has been a blog devoted especially to finding beauty boxes that ship worldwide. You can see my unboxing posts and beauty box reviews here.
Some of you must have read my posts on Memebox, a Korean beauty box that offers great value for money. You are looking at previous Memebox photos in this post.
My blog has sent them several customers from within and outside my country, and more than 60 boxes have been pre-ordered by customers from my country alone (that I know of, lol). There has been neither postal delay nor customs hassle till date, as far as Memebox delivery is concerned.
On March 31, Memebox stopped shipping worldwide, and restricted themselves to the US, Japan and Canada. I received this news with disappointment, but Memebox promised to ship worldwide again soon.
Read on to find out what went wrong.
On April 19, Memebox said here that they would ship to 31 countries - Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hongkong, Hungary, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the U.S. Since that date, Memebox has been very generous to customers from these countries, with vouchers and welcome-back discounts, not to mention release of several special edition boxes.
Petition to Memebox to restore shipping worldwide, including to India, Malaysia, Israel, Mexico and other countries.Which is fine, but why have many countries with paying customers been ignored? I can tell you that Memebox has loyal customers from India, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico and so on. The whole of Latin America and Africa, and South Asia, the Middle East and South East Asia (in fact all of Asia except for Japan, China, Taiwan and Singapore) have been struck off their list for no reason, without any explanation. This, despite many happy customers who have preordered boxes until October 2014.
Why this discrimination against some countries alone? Why is our money of any less value than that of the customers from those 31 countries? They have shipped worldwide and delivered their boxes to all the countries left out before, so why leave them out at all now? Either ship to all countries or ship to none! Since Memebox was shipping worldwide before with no hassles, there really is no excuse, especially when customers are prepared to pay the shipping charges. Incidentally, Memebox is shipping preorders to all these countries till October 2014, so it really does not make sense for them to leave out orders from our countries. I can understand not shipping to a country if orders are regularly lost, or if there are other issues (HAZMAT?). None of the customers from these countries has had an issue on any order placed until March 31.
Petition to Memebox to restore shipping worldwide, including to India, Malaysia, Israel, Mexico and other countries.
I have emailed Memebox several times and commented on their Facebook page and tweeted them, but there are no results so far. If anyone wants to email them, the address is - do give it a shot as well, apart from the two things mentioned below.
I have heard back from Memebox saying they will "discuss the issue with their team". I want to influence that discussion in favour of all developing countries as well, in all continents. Hence, I seek your help.
Whether you are a customer or not, whether you like beauty boxes or not, whether your country is one of the 31 or not, I'm sure you will agree that it is unfair and disappointing for some of us to be shunted out so abruptly. I need support from each of you, irrespective of nationality, race and everything else. After all, if we beauty addicts do not stand together, can we expect any unity at all among non-beauty addicts and lesser mortals people?
This post is not intended to be resentful or bitter. I love Memebox and want nothing better than for them to reinstate shipping to all countries. That alone is my intention. Therefore, I have a petition up on, which you can view here. Will you please sign this petition and support many disappointed beauty box fans and Korean beauty addicts around the world? The petition is to restore shipping worldwide, including to India, Malaysia, Israel, Mexico and other countries. Also, could you please go here and leave a comment asking Memebox to ship to all countries asap? It would mean the world to me if you did.
Please also get as many people as you can to sign the petition by sharing it. I thank you VERY much personally for your support. You people are brilliant.
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  1. Lorna JohnsonApril 22, 2014

    i agree it should be available to all old and new customers ,everyone needs a memebox in their life.

  2. oh, it's a sad news that they don't ship internationally anymore whatever their reason is. It's disappointing! Sure to leave a comment on their page, :) btw, found you on GIG, followed you now through bloglovin' and gfc., I hope you can drop by on my blog and you can follow back :) giglove from

  3. Jens Ken LundstromApril 22, 2014

    I also signed!

    I think that when a brand or a shop want to ship worldwide ..they have to include all the world.

    I live in Tunisia,so unfortunatelly they also don t ship to my country!
    Great petition!nice idea!

  4. a business has many reasons for conducting itself the way it does--most of which have to do with money. It is possible that they are not making enough profit in certain countries to justify shipping all the way out there--that would likely be the case in developing countries where I imagine fewer orders are likely to be place. Even if they have a good amount of customers in, for example the UK, it could still likely not be enough to turn profit. And, after all, their business exists solely for financial gain--not because of passion for the fashion. They may like beauty related work, but my point is it's not a not-for-profit company. And they can refrain from shipping to wherever they like for whatever reason at all--good or bad--because that's how companies and industries work. Sorry, you're not in luck on this one. Your petition couldn't possibly have an effect, but it's likely that if they restored shipping to all those other countries that they will continue to restore shipping to the remaining ones, independent of your petition. They're probably working on it already---trust me: if there's money to be made over there, they want to make it. There may very well be some other issue that's getting in the way of them being able to ship to all the other countries and if so, they're working on it. And, if so, you're not helping… you're just nagging the poor people who are working on it anyway. Bottom line is: if they're going to ship to your country, then they will. If they won't, then they never will. And all the bitching you can muster is not going to change that fact.

  5. MyBeautyJunctionApril 22, 2014

    Thank you! Memebox has said this morning on their Facebook page that they have started adding more countries, so yay to us!

  6. MyBeautyJunctionApril 22, 2014

    Please mind your language - this is a family blog and the b-word should not be used. I suggest you edit out that word, it is completely uncalled for. However I have published your comment without editing just so I could address your concerns and because it is one of the nastiest comments this blog has ever received.
    FYI, I - and others - have every right to set up petitions and to ask people to sign them. Feel free not to sign or encourage people to do what they want, even if it does not affect anyone else or hurt people. My petition has won already.
    After I sent them the petition and emailed them a few times, Memebox has said that they overlooked a few countries (which my petition brought to their notice) and this morning, they reopened shipping to India. And MEMEBOX SIGNED MY PETITION THEMSELVES (caps for emphasis and not shouting) - their restoring shipping was clearly not independent of my petition - and thanked me for my efforts and emails. So did my petition have an effect or not? And am I "in luck on this one" or not?
    As for developing countries, if you read my post, you would realise that these countries have placed a large chunk of orders as Memebox themselves admit. And those countries were merely overlooked when shipping was restored, as they admit, until some of us reacted. More importantly, shipping a beauty box to a country only involves collecting the shipping costs and the price of the box and shipping it out. It is not like they have to set up offices in all these countries. Four generations in my family have been in the shipping and logistics business so I have a fair idea of what international cargo and mail entails. I also know that Korean shipping costs worldwide are around $2 for a registered box and we pay $7.99. Also, India is the second-most populous country in the world and the amount we spend on beauty products is second only to the USA. Oh, and too bad that the "poor people" from a large international beauty retailer" wilt upon nagging from a mere girl.
    I still fail to see how you could possibly have used "b**ching" to apply to my blog post, especially after what I said in the penultimate paragraph of the post. Since I will not condone any unpleasantness, foul language or belligerence on my blog, no such comments will be published in future. Hence, I request you to kindly not bother to reply; it goes straight to spam.

  7. MyBeautyJunctionApril 22, 2014

    Thanks so much for your support! <3 Sure will drop by rightaway xx

  8. MyBeautyJunctionApril 22, 2014

    Absolutely... thank you for your support. It certainly looks like Memebox will put things right shortly.

  9. very well said Renu! I am very shocked at the comment of the above person , I must say! And I am impressed with your reply. Keep it up! I am happy that your efforts have not gone in vain! Well done girl :)

  10. MyBeautyJunctionApril 22, 2014

    Thanks you :) I sincerely hope there is no drama on this blog after this unpleasant episode. My intention was only to get them to either ship worldwide or say why they wouldn't - turns out they will ship worldwide again!

  11. Revathy HealthnBeautyApril 22, 2014

    dear lecturer.. thanks for the prose on economics & vision-mission purpose of the biz world.. so enlightening! <3

  12. If someone doesn't agree with you, they always have the option of not signing the petition or even ignoring your post. I don't see any reason for name-calling here. Personally, I feel you did a great job by taking this initiative of starting the signature drive for the petition and making the Memebox people sit up and take notice. Kudos to you :)

  13. MyBeautyJunctionApril 23, 2014

    Clearly all those years of poring over the dang textbooks in school taught us nothing....

  14. MyBeautyJunctionApril 23, 2014

    Thank you! It worked, and would you believe Memebox now replies regularly to my emails and sorted out a dodgy code for me earlier today? It didn't help that I bought five boxes in one day to celebrate....
    That said, I am going to keep at it until all those other countries where people used to buy boxes are added back. If Memebox thinks it is not viable, they can always explain why a certain country will be avoided, can't they?

  15. MyBeautyJunctionApril 24, 2014

    Julia Venditti :)


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