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Monday, January 21, 2013

Fashionable knee-length day dresses for spring and summer

I adore dresses. I prefer them to skirts, jeans, trousers, capris, leggings, tunics, shirts, saris... anything else, really. Until I turned 20, I wore jeans only while travelling. It was mostly casual dresses to classes and the odd skirt and jumper the rest of the time. Dresses are the comfiest of all clothing - no elastic, belt, buttoning, pins or other tight restraint necessary to keep the garment in place, though there are dresses that come with all of the above.
Fashionable knee-length day dresses for spring and summer
I love this silk dress and its silk shell within. I bought it in Singapore for $189 on Boxing Day sales. I am not someone who usually goes in for frills and flounces - at least, not after my eighth birthday. But I love the frills from the collar downwards on this dress. This is not a day dress, so I wore it to my birthday dinner, with strappy sandals and a gold box clutch (in picture). It buttons all the way down the front, but thankfully these buttons are brass-coloured and look very vintage. You need to wrap it in tissue to prevent wrinkles and only ever dry-clean, but it is worth the trouble.
Here are a few of my comfy casual favourites. All snaps are candid and were not shot with the intention of blogging or showcasing the dresses, hence the extremely unprofessional look, which is a frequent feature of my blog.
Knee-length day dresses for spring and summer
Immediately above is a 109F dress, ideal for summer outings. I love the blue and green colours on the stark white background with the black print. There are a few pleats in front at the waist. I wore blue nail polish and blue sandals with this dress, although I had taken a rather large and unsuitable brown bag as it was a day out at a bird park. 
Fashionable knee-length day dresses for spring and summer
Next up is a cotton AND dress. It is black with orange flowers and tiny green leaves. It came with a brown belt but I could not locate it that morning, so I wore the red belt which came with my grey polka dress instead.
 Brown wedges or flats and a brown bag are good with this dress. There is a collar and the dress buttons all the way in front. I wish they had used black or brown buttons, though, instead of the pearly white ones, which stand out a bit. I have worn this dress to work, with a brown belt and black tights.
Fashionable knee-length day dresses for spring and summer
I picked up the black and white checked dress above unexpectedly in Cochin. I love the colour combination, the starkness and the below-elbow sleeves. It is collared and buttons all the way down in front. The buttons are large and plain black. The dress came with a checked cotton belt in the same pattern, but I felt that plain black would go better with it, so I opted for that. This dress looks good with a black bag and black flats or sandals. I also wear it to work. 
Fashionable knee-length day dresses for spring and summer
This very pale grey cotton dress has white polka dots all over, and three small pleats at the neck on the left side. It is quite stark and has a side zip. It came with this red belt to add a dash of colour, so I combine it with reddish bags and reddish-nudish shoes. I have also worn this dress to work, only, with a black belt, bag, shoes and black tights. If it had longer sleeves, it would be pure work wear. 
Fashionable knee-length day dresses for spring and summer
This black and white dress above is a rather older cotton outfit of mine. I love the print. I wear it with a black vest or slip, with a white bag and white wedge sandals or strappy sandals. I have a feeling that the black print is fading in some areas. It doesn't appear evident in person, though I find parts of the print looking greyish in photographs. I only wear this for summer trips. This snap was taken in Goa, where the dress was quite suitable.
While buying dresses, my first preference is for simple cottons, as I live in a tropical climate. My second choice is jersey followed by silk. I do have a couple of wools and polyesters and other synthetics as well, though. If you love the look, you tend to overlook the material.
I'll showcase more of my dresses another time. 

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