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Monday, January 21, 2013

Konad Sponge Nail Art kit review, unboxing, photos

Konad Sponge Nail Art kit review, unboxing, photos
My Konad Sponge Nail Art kit arrived today. I have tried ombre nails before, courtesy old compact sponges and regular nail polishes. All we've had are huge messes, including what looked like clumps of henna on my mum's fingers once. I decided to order the Konad kit in a bid to better my ombre manicures somewhat!
I once tried to create an aqua ombre nail on my toe during my rash youth (i.e., in 2010). I have the picture with me, but since publishing it can cause mental, emotional and even physical distress to viewers, I shall send it on request only to those strong enough and those desirous of undergoing visual torture. 
So I'm hoping this kit makes things a bit better.
I absolutely love the packaging of the Konad Sponge Nail Art kit. It is compact, showcases everything and has an attractive colour scheme. The kit contains:
    Konad Sponge Nail Art kit review, unboxing, photos
  1. Three bottles of Konad Special Polish - yes, the same thing used for stamping
  2. A box of rainbow glitter
  3. A pink palette, for mixing the polishes
  4. A pink sponge holder
  5. Five sponges
  6. A pair of tweezers
I can't find the names of the colours anywhere on the bottles. Each nail polish bottle has 5ml of polish while the rainbow glitter box weighs 2gm.
Konad Sponge Nail Art kit review, unboxing, photosI have just been trying this on mum's nails and you don't want to see the results, trust me - not because the gradient doesn't come out or anything - because the colour combination isn't attractive at all. It looks like mum has yellow fingernails dipped in blood. They should have thrown out the white polish and put in a light brown. That way, the yellow transitions nicely to the reddish-brown.
So I'm breaking up the Konad Sponge Nail Art kit and putting the special polishes with my stamping nail art kit, which I'll show you another time. I'll use the palette, glitter, tweezers and sponges on blue, green or pink gradients and share the results soon.

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