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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A lovely day! (OOTD, NOTD and the Accessorize joy and heartache)

I had the most lovely day yesterday. Here are some pictures.
The dress

I tried water marbling on my nails and this is what it looked like. It has been my best effort so far. I'll do a separate post on water marbling very soon.

My absolutely wonderful, amazing parents got me this pair of earrings I'm in love with.

The make-up prezzies I receieved:

Sadly, one of the Accessorize palettes has a broken mirror. I didn't break it, so I won't have the bad luck, will I? Eeeeep!

I got a nice selection of books as well; can't wait to dig into them:

And, my lovely grandparents gave me some great collectibles, including three vintage fountain pens, Staffordshire spaniels, an old Just William collectible card set and a Diamond Jubilee Proof Coin.

We had a nice party earlier where my three-year-old niece helped cut the cake and performed leap-frog all over the place. My folks took me out for a fabulous dinner in the evening. I'm so knackered, I've been sleeping for most of today.

A shout out and birthday wishes to Jess, who celebrates her big day today!

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