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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Stash Show: Ten Soap and Glory stars currently being used

I am officially on an online shopping ban, so expect a few stash posts. Anyone who wants to join me on the ban (only online!) is welcome.

Here are 10 Soap & Glory products I'm using now:
  • Flake Away: Bought the full-size after I ran through a 100ml container.
  • Heel Genius: 125ml tube. Half done, and I have a full one inside!
  • Glow Lotion: I love how it looks on my skin, but I tend to forget to use it.
  • Girligo Body Mist: Will keep repurchasing forever!
  • Supereyes Supereyes: As above (one in handbag, one in shelf).
  • You Won't Believe Your Eyes: Will not repurchase. I'll explain later.
  • Sexy Motherpucker: I love the tingling, so one in handbag, one in shelf.
  • Five Fruits Butter: 300ml but I keep skiving off this because of laziness.
  • The Righteous Butter: 100ml container. I prefer the above butter, so may not repurchase.
  • Glad Hair Day Conditioner: Have around two uses left in the 200ml tube. Will definitely repurchase.
My Arch de Triumph is missing, as also the Hand Food tube and the Glad Hair Day Shampoo I got for Christmas :( They must be somewhere, since I've found the conditioner and the foot cream....
I will be reviewing the eye products and the conditioner; if there's anything else you want reviewed/a closer view of, do comment!

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