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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Detailers: Coming up from the original Beautyblender... a potential HG?

I am beyond thrilled to hear that the Beautyblender's crafter, Rea Ann Silva, is launching a set of makeup brushes known as "Detailers". In my review of the Original Beautyblender Pro (here), I said it had replaced every single face makeup brush/sponge/applicator I've tried/owned and concluded by wishing they would come out with eye brushes, too. Did they read that post and oblige with the Detailers brushes, or am I flattering myself?
Needless to say, I'm waiting to get a set as soon as the Beauty Blender brushes are launched as they promise professional results. I especially adore the cute mini-blender charm on the Plush Brush and want to try Soft Touch and Chisel.

What are the Beautyblender Detailers brushes?

And what's special about them? Here's information I obtained from the Beautyblender's PR:
Celebrity makeup artist Rea Ann Silva is continuing to help women master the art of
creating 'the flawless face' with the launch of her highly anticipated Detailers by
As one of the most sought-after makeup artists for TV and film, Rea Ann uses the original
Beautyblender to achieve a perfectly blended, flawless finish but also relies on a
carefully selected group of brushes to complete any makeup look. Now she is bringing
her coveted tools to women across the globe by introducing Detailers by
Beautyblender…'for everything else'.
The collection features a curated selection of brushes that Rea Ann relies on day in and
day out for makeup application. Perfectly sized at 5'' to find that learning curve sweet
spot, these all white brushes are made of special, fine synthetic fibers that are crueltyfree
and PETA friendly. Since fibers are synthetic and not porous like natural hair,
they’re designed to be easily cleanable with the Beautyblender Solid Cleanser.
'The Detailers are the result of my twenty-five year career as a Make-up Artist, having
hundreds of make-up brushes at my disposal. These are the curated brushes that work
together with Beautyblender to create a complete make-up application,' says Rea
Ann Silva, Beautyblender’s creator. 'Fool-proof and easy!'"
It is, for me, the most awaited beauty product launch ever. I think, like the Blender itself, these will knock off all other brushes into oblivion. Really (pun intended)!

Here's more about the Detailers brushes:


  1. Combination of a powder and blush brush
  2. The shape of the brush’s head is designed to mimic the shape of a Beautyblender – which perfectly fits the rounded, soft contours of the face


  1. A sculpting eye shadow brush & contour brush
  2. Synthetic fibers allow it to be versatile for shaping the face and eyes
  3. Works beautifully as an eye, cheek, jaw and nose contour tool


  1. Doubles as an Eyeliner & Brow Liner brush
  2. Designed to work effortlessly whether you’re left or right handed
  3. Easy way to “make a flare” with eye makeup


  1. Mini concealer brush for special, small, hard to reach areas like the creases around your nose
  2. For small areas and focused application


  1. Most basic, easy-to-use soft touch application
  2. Used for eyeshadows and highlights


  1. Shapes a natural and sculpted brow
  2. New go-to tool for eyelash extensions
All pictures and italicised information are sourced exclusively from the Beautyblender's people themselves, reproduced verbatim with personal permission. I do not know if the images are of prototypes or of the final product, including colour options. I love how minimalistic they look; no fancy colours, glitter or shine. Less talk and more action, I say.
The Detailers by Beautyblender brushes will be out in December, so I know what I'm asking for Christmas. Are you as excited about this set as I am?

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