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Monday, September 30, 2013

Mini haul: Lancome Blush in Love and Rouge in Love 340B

I bought two Rouge in Love Matin lipsticks just a few weeks ago see post here) and have been loving them to bits ever since. My Mum was travelling over the weekend and asked me if I wanted anything, so... Usually I don't ask someone to pick a lipstick for me but I googled swatches and zeroed in on a couple and asked her to pick the one she thought would suit me best, but at the same time would be outside my comfort zone - she picked 340B Rose Boudoir.

The Boudoir shades are bright cocktail colours. While Lancome has described Rose Boudoir as a "bright rose-y pink", it is more of a bright pinky-coral to me. It is right outside my usual dusty-rose comfort zone but I love it! I'm getting some more Rouge in Love lipsticks soon (353M, 217M and so on) and will swatch the lot together.
I have never bought a blush in my entire life and am a bronzer person! I own just two full-size blushes - one came in a beauty box two weeks ago (here) and the other was a gift with purchase. I loved the look and reviews of Blush in Love and have been trying to step outside my comfort zone in my routine (I promise not to repeat that phrase again in this post), and asked my Mum to get me one. The shade she bought is called Pommettes d'Amour. There is another Blush in Love shade I want, called Peche Joue Joue - it wasn't in stock, she said. Once I get it, I'll swatch both.
The packaging is basic cardboard, but sturdy enough. You can pull the mirror out entirely if you want.
The thing is, both the Lancome blushes are extremely sheer, so if you like your blushes pigmented, then these aren't for you. For a blush-newbie like me, sheer is brilliant; I'm not running for the hills. Pommettes d'Amour is a bright pink with warm coral mix, with sprayed-on shimmer on the roses, which has already vanished when I gave it a swipe. The blush shows up as a mild glow on me, but is sheer enough not to scare me off. Win!
The SA also gave Mum quite a few samples, including two Advanced Genefique vials and a premium-size Blanc Expert hydrating cream! There were also some samples from the Absolue range and 12 Blanc Expert Nuit sachets, all of which will go into an empty container and be used up. One sachet lasts me three days, so it is as good as being full-sized.

Swatches up once I have more Rouge in Love and Blush in Love, I promise!

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