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Friday, October 04, 2013

What's inside my second giveaway win

I usually have rotten luck in giveaways, prize draws, raffles and contests, unless they're essay writing, recitation, elocution, quizzing or debate (nerd-alert). However, the beauty blogging world has been somewhat kinder in that I've won two giveaways in the last six months - long may this phase last!

You can see my first giveaway win here. The second one, from Tshering Yangzom of TiTi's Corner, arrived today! Not only did she include the prizes but also slipped in a couple of extra goodies - despite being super-busy with her studies. Here's what the packet contained:
1. Sleek iDivine Candy Collection Limited Edition Palette
2. Eco Tools Six Piece Essential Eye Set
3. Cherry Culture Lip Balm
4. I love... Mango Face Mask
5. Dalicia Nose Pack

Only the first three items were actually in the giveaway; the masks are a surprise. Wasn't that kind of her?
I will be swatching the Candy Collection palette shortly - it has some shades which I've been wanting for a while ever since I watched ombre eye tutorials.
As for the Eco Tools brushes, I'm already loving them more than the Real Techniques brushes at first touch and they're safely in my travel bag now.

I've already used up the Dalicia Nose Pack today! Of course, I wasn't sure which side was to be pasted down, so I went in for the black side since it was facing the paper and my unclogged pores think I was right. Can't wait to try everything else and blog about them!

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