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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lush Cosmetics Enchanted Eye Cream review

Lush Cosmetics Enchanted Eye Cream review
I have mad love for Lush Cosmetics, especially for their bath bombs, massage bars, conditioners, lip scrubs, soaps... right, pretty much the whole range. The products actually work for me and leave me smelling as amazing as they do, and leave my skin and hair in good condition. So when I saw the Enchanted Eye Cream at Lush last August (Lush haul post here), I bought it rightaway, having read great reviews, thinking here, at last, was my Holy Grail eye cream.

Here is my review of the Lush Enchanted Eye Cream.

Packaging of Lush Enchanted Eye Cream

Unlike most Lush skin care products, the EEC does not come in a tub, but in a 45g black plastic bottle with a pump. The plastic, as always with Lush, is recycled.
Lush Cosmetics Enchanted Eye Cream review
The pump is a little tricky to handle as you can get way too much product out if you aren't careful. I applied the excess to my neck whenever that happened.

Formula of Lush Enchanted Eye Cream

EEC is not creamy, but has a milky, runny and thin texture. I found that, despite shaking the bottle within an inch of its life - and mine - the solution turned thicker as I used up more, which was a bit weird.
Lush Cosmetics Enchanted Eye Cream review
The good thing about the lotion being so watery is that it absorbs very quickly. I've shown you how it looks spread out, but it doesn't leave any whitish residue on the skin, and disappears thoroughly.
Lush Cosmetics Enchanted Eye Cream review
The ingredients include cold-pressed almond oil and jojoba oil, glycerin and lavender honey water. But, as do many other Lush products, it contains parabens.
Lush Cosmetics Enchanted Eye Cream review
EEC is vegetarian approved and is not tested on animals. You have got to love Lush for sticking to those principles, unlike some brands I could mention.

Results after using Lush Enchanted Eye Cream

So I began using this cream by the end of September and it's almost over only now. That is quite decent.
The cream promises to refresh, soothe and soften the skin. Lush also says that the organic oils will "wave a magic wand over fine lines, giving the precious eye area a boost to keep it firm and supple."
Lush Cosmetics Enchanted Eye Cream review
Everyone and their shadow swore that this cream worked for them and I wanted to love it so much. So how did I fare?
For starters, I kept getting it in my eye because it was a tad too runny and it was so, so stinging that I felt like gouging my own eye out.
I had decent under-eye skin until January, when my schedule became so wonky that my sleep pattern went for a toss. Now I have some dark circles and dryness, but I get the feeling they'll both go away with decent sleep. Even so, both problems have reduced from January, as I slowly crawl towards better time management.
The Enchanted Eye Cream didn't make any difference to either the dark circles or the dryness. Not one bit. I agree, EEC is hydrating, but definitely nowhere near Clinique All About Eyes or Philosophy Eye Hope (LOVE this, review later) or Estee Lauder Time Zone or even Soap and Glory Supereyes Supereyes (reviewed here) or Dirty Works Banish the Bags or any of the Korean brands I've tried. EEC's hydration is better than Lancome Genefique Yeux Light Pearl (previewed here), which is more of a brightener than a moisturiser for the eye area. And EEC is far superior to Dior Capture Totale Yeux (awful pilling, golden residue).
Lush Cosmetics Enchanted Eye Cream reviewI can't speak for fine lines since the only lines I have around the area are a fatso I've had since birth below the right eye, and a linear scar on the bridge of my nose which is the result of standing too close to some kid who was sharpening a pencil with a penknife, when I was in the kindergarten.
I did find, however, that the cream was cooling on the eye area and did not give me any milia. Because it was absorbed so quickly, it made a good base for concealer, softening and moistening it a bit so the concealer wouldn't settle into fine lines.
The trump card for the EEC is the pricing for 45g -  £11.75 or INR1,350, and the bottle lasts for four to five months easily. But I feel it's worth shelling out a bit more for an eye cream that actually works for me.
Bottom Line
This is an okay cream for below-makeup use, because a super hydrating cream can cause your concealer to slip off but EEC is definitely not moisturising enough as it claims. It won't make a rat's bottom of a difference to dark circles or banish dryness. I know you can't expect miracles but this is Lush we're talking about, and the raves I had read had increased my expectations sky-high. Will not repurchase. If it worked for you, well done, you!
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