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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shatter manicure with Missha Leopard Nail Polish

Shatter manicure with Missha Leopard Nail Polish
I have always maintained that I can never pull off yellow nail polish. Or peach. Believe me, I've tried. So after a dozen or so combinations of peach and yellow nail art including freehand and stamping, I gave up the ghost and decided that the only way I could wear yellow and/or neon peach was below a shatter nail polish. Shatter is not my favourite mani anymore. At least, not since 2011! But I received the Missha Leopard Nail Polish in 01 in my Rose Rose Shop Secret Beauty Box (unboxed here) and found that it was a matte shatter polish in deep violet - ideal with yellow, peach and other lights and brights. Missha is a Korean brand and this nail polish made me fall in love with shatter manis all over again, after years.

Here is a shatter NOTD with Missha Leopard Nail Polish over Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine and MeMeMe Long Lasting Gloss.

I applied Bourjois So Laque in #39 Jaune Trendy on the index and ring fingers, and then MeMeMe Nail Collection Long Lasting Gloss in #64 Spirited on the thumb, middle finger and pinky. I have owned the Bourjois So Laque polish for some two years now and had forgotten I even owned this colour. It is more of an ochre yellow. I faintly remember swatching it and thinking how awful it looked on my nails before relegating it to the back of beyond. But now that I have tried it below shatter, I know this polish will feature in future nail looks!
Shatter manicure with Missha Leopard Nail Polish
The MeMeMe polish in #64 Spirited is new, and came in my Vanity Trove box (unboxed here). This is from their brights collection and is overwhelming on its own, on my nails, though my camera hasn't quite captured the neon-peachy colour. It is a thick, creamy polish and I get opacity in one coat. An ideal pairing with a deep violet polish.
Shatter manicure with Missha Leopard Nail Polish
Missha Leopard Nail Polish in 01 is a matte shatter. I have applied top coat lightly over my mani so as not to lose the texture (and the polish just drank in the top coat but you can see a hint of gloss), but it actually shattered matte! The brush is thick and so is the formula. You can apply as much of the shatter polish as you want and even two coats in quick succession, as long as it isn't dry, and it will still shatter. And, unlike O.P.I. shatter polishes or China Glaze Crackles or Barry M.s, the Missha polish shatters "wider" - with broader channels for the polish beneath to peep through, and in larger "islands. China Glaze crackles well enough but there are fewer polish-islands, while O.P.I. and Barry M are thinner shatters. However, O.P.I. dries super-quickly while Missha needs a while and I have a couple of nicks and smudges. Note to self: buy more shatter polishes from Missha.
Shatter manicure with Missha Leopard Nail Polish
This is my submission to the GOT Polish Challenge hosted by Crumpet's Nail Tarts, featuring one nail polish I've owned for at least a year. The theme for today is Yellow/Peach, which is why I had to work around those colours!
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