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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Memebox makeup special Superbox 2 review, unboxing

Memebox makeup special Superbox 2 review, unboxing
If you have been following my blog's Facebook page, you know I have been raving about Memebox (pronounced Mi: mi:, which is the phonetic script for meee meee, according to their website). This is a Korean beauty box that ships worldwide. While not a regular subscription, they have released 35 boxes so far this year (I know, right?), many of which are on pre-order. I myself have 15 boxes pre-ordered until October. After March 31, Memebox will be shipping only to Canada, Japan and the US, but you can pre-order until the 31st, and they have promised to reinstate international delivery in a couple of months after they sort out logistical issues.
Superboxes are Memebox's limited edition selection of full-sized products according to theme or brand. Apart from these and the regular Memeboxes, they also have Luckyboxes which contain a selection of products from previously released regular boxes. Since I prefer regular boxes and the odd Superbox, I skip the Luckyboxes for most part.

Here is the unboxing and review of Superbox 2, the Korean makeup box from Memebox.

Please watch this video to see what I got in my Superbox 2. Sorry about my sore throat, which is why the volume is infinitesimal. It was all I could do to speak this much :(
Also, do subscribe to my video channel for further unboxing videos and give me a thumbs-up if you like what you see.

Again, I'm sorry about the squeaky voice. I recorded yesterday and it was all throat-clearing and hacking coughs, so this barely-audible version is a retake.
I will be doing detailed reviews of each of these products, once I test them for a reasonable length of time.
You can check out the available Memeboxes, Superboxes and Luckyboxes at The price of each box varies with the regular boxes starting at $23 with worldwide tracked postage at $7.99, though there is a code for $7 off until March 31 (enter code SHIP4CHEAP). These boxes are always great value for money and sell out very quickly. Remember, if you are from Canada, Japan or the US, you can order anytime but customers from other countries can order only until March 31. Do email to say Renu of My Beauty Junction sent you.
I have 15 boxes to arrive from Memebox until October and I am wondering what else they come up with until the 31st!
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