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Saturday, April 05, 2014

Sachet review: Lioele V-Line Waterdrop Sleeping Pack

Lioele V-Line Waterdrop Sleeping Pack review
Since I have too many sachet-samples, I now deal with them by emptying them into little pots. I have decided to regularly review one or two sachet samples on Saturdays - at least, to share my first impressions. Mind you, I still refuse to pay for sachets and do not like the idea of including them in beauty boxes.
I do realise that a foil sachet with product that barely covers the pinky is not enough to decide whether the product will suit my skin in the long run. But there are products which make such a difference in one use, that I decide whether or not to buy the full-size, and some sachets contain enough product for two or three uses.
This is the Lioele V-Line Waterdrop Sleeping Pack from my Beauteque sample bag, which is free - international customers pay shipping. There was just about enough in this sachet for three uses.

An icy-blue translucent gel, the Lioele V-Line Waterdrop Sleeping Pack is an overnight face mask that is meant to moisturise and soothe your skin.
Lioele V-Line Waterdrop Sleeping Pack review
This is what Korean brand Lioele says about the product:
"One of Lioele’s best selling items!! Lioele V-line Waterdrop Sleeping Pack contains Swiss Alpine Extract and other botanical ingredients that helps to rehydrate, brighten and shape up face while sleeping. Non greasy, cooling, refreshing and reduce puffiness and water retention overnight.
"Before going to bed, apply an [sic] thick layer over clean dry face and massage in an upwards direction until water droplets are formed. Then gently pat into skin for better absorption. For better result, use with Lioele Aroma Peeling Gel. For those with extremely dehydrated skin, apply one of Lioele Active Therapy Ampoule first before applying the sleeping pack."
Lioele V-Line Waterdrop Sleeping Pack reviewYou need a tiny amount for the whole face, because the product spreads out. I find the finish watery rather than like cream. After cleansing - and toning, if you are into that (I skip the toner) - and your serum or other nightly care, apply a thin layer of the product and keep it on overnight. The product is absorbed completely in half an hour or so, and there is no greasiness or stickiness.
The pack is instantly cooling on the skin - this is great for summer. On all three occasions, I woke with a fresh, baby-soft look in the morning, even if I had a rather late night. I have used the pack only three times before running out of the product, but cannot see any breakouts so far.
Lioele V-Line Waterdrop Sleeping Pack reviewLioele V-Line Waterdrop Sleeping Pack review
Bottom line
As I said before, these are my first impressions. Yet another example of how Korean skincare actually does what it says. I am definitely buying the full-size. Sleeping packs are all the more convenient than regular face packs because you don't have to wait for it to dry or mooch around for 20 minutes. You can get the Beauteque sample bag from - you pay only for shipping, and can choose your own samples.
What are your thoughts on sachet reviews? Yay or nay? Do let me know.
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