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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Makeup-only Memebox review, unboxing

Makeup-only Memebox review, unboxing: Korean beauty box
Cryptic intro of the day: I have been trying out green foundation!
While it is skincare that the Korean beauty industry is best known for, I have not really been impressed by  their makeup. Their previous makeup boxes revealed that the eyeshadows were very poor, the lipsticks were good and the nail polishes, passable. The "cushion" compacts were great. I cannot speak for many of the BB or CC creams because of shade mismatch, but I like some of the CC creams that do suit me. I would probably not have bought this box if it were a Superbox or if I had no points to use up. But it was a regular Memebox and cost only $23 and they had just reinstated international shipping and gave everyone 10 points. Excuses, excuses. Anyway, the idea of five full-sized products for some $13 or so sounded good.

Here is the unboxing and review of the Makeup-only beauty box from Memebox.

Here are the contents of the box.
  1. Cheek Room Makeup Base. The green foundation.
  2. Ladykin Blossom Blusher in Milky Apricot
  3. N.S.M. ReBorn Sorbet Tint
  4. Dr Young Anti Pore Eraser Balm
  5. Mustaev Concealer in Shade 5
All products are full-sized. A quick look at each.
Makeup-only Memebox review, unboxing: Korean beauty box

Cheek Room Makeup Base 

I believe this is actually meant to be a corrective primer. It is very, very runny.
The colour of the liquid is green! I have neutral-to-yellow undertones and my veins are bluish-purple, rather than green. I was not sure as to how this would go along with my profile.
Makeup-only Memebox review, unboxing: Korean beauty box
Believe it or not, it works quite nicely for me as a foundation. The colour kind of corrects itself to suit my skintone. Coverage is sheer, but buildable, and oil-free time is a joke. But it stays on reasonably well without turning ashy and my skin does not eat it up. I use Benefit Hello Flawless powder over it, which makes the coverage more opaque. I will review this in detail later.
Makeup-only Memebox review, unboxing: Korean beauty box
I apply this foundation with a stippling brush. This is how it covers some lip swatches on my forearm, and you also can see I have not turned green. Sorry about the poor lighting. We have lacked natural light all day.

Ladykin Blossom Blusher in Milky Apricot

A pale peach blush that goes very nicely with my skintone and with the Cheek Room Makeup Base. It could have been milled a lot more finely. I prefer Lancome's Blush In Love Peche Joue Joue and Givenchy Aficionado Peach Prism for fine quality. Both are peach blushes. But this shade is pretty enough and suits me. It is matte and I can use this for dailywear.
Makeup-only Memebox review, unboxing: Korean beauty box

N.S.M. ReBorn Sorbet Tint

I like Korean lip products. This liquid tint is a pink colour and, when applied really lightly with the doe foot applicator, is a nice mild pink. With heavy-handed application, though, this is a colour I would not touch with a barge pole. I can use this as a mild pink tint with a bolder eye.
Makeup-only Memebox review, unboxing: Korean beauty boxMakeup-only Memebox review, unboxing: Korean beauty box

Dr Young Anti Pore Eraser Balm

When I first saw this, I thought the colour looked a bit like Porefessional. So expectations were high. This face primer feels very silicon-y. This is one of the two products in this box that I simply cannot work with. It feels very gooey and wrong on me. It does not mattify my skin at all and pills very heavily on me, even with a light-handed application. I am paranoid about breakouts, which is why I have stopped using it after two trials.
Makeup-only Memebox review, unboxing: Korean beauty box

Mustaev Concealer in Shade5

Makeup-only Memebox review, unboxing: Korean beauty box
The second product in this box that will not work for me at all. Shade 5 is the right shade for me, alright. But is the concealer uncomfortable to apply or what! It is like rubbing one of those pencils in art class - the ones the teachers made you sharpen within an inch of your life - on the skin. It also chalks up on me. Perhaps all those really soft, creamy, easy-to-blend concealers from Benefit and theBalm have spoilt me. Incidentally, this also contains parabens.
Makeup-only Memebox review, unboxing: Korean beauty box
So out of five products there, I really like one, don't mind the lip tint and can work with the blush and dislike the concealer and primer. Mind you, these may work differently on other skintypes and skintones. If you wish to try out Korean makeup, there is a waterproof-makeup special box out today for $23 here. You can use my referral code 8NQ77J for an extra $3 off. Or, if you fancy a zero-chemical box, they have released one today here. You can check out regular Memeboxes and special edition boxes here, the best-of-regular-boxes Lucky Boxes here and full-sized Superboxes here.
P.S. Memebox is a Korean beauty box that ships to many countries. In March 2014, they stopped shipping to many places where they have loyal customers. They have been adding ountries back to their shipping list; please sign this petition to get them to add more.
I paid for this box; affiliate link, referral code; opinions are entirely my own.

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