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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Oriental Medicine Memebox review, unboxing

Memebox Oriental Medicine Beauty box review, unboxing, photos
I have a number of Memeboxes to unbox now, thanks to my trip interrupting a good number of posts. I have some brilliant boxes to show you, while a couple of others have been meh. But you will see them all in good time.
A while ago, Memebox released three natural skin care boxes - Milk, Whole Grain and Oriental Medicine. I opted for Milk and Oriental Medicine, skipping Whole Grain because I wrongly presumed it would be full of exfoliants and scrubs. Birdbrain!
These have been some of the best Memeboxes we have ever seen IMO, and an absolute steal at just $23 each - that is not counting any points I may have used back then. I am going to show you the Oriental Medicine beauty box today. This box contains products made of ingredients that were used in the beauty regimens of ancient queens in Korea. Obviously, you know that ginseng is going to feature heavily in these products.

Here is my review and unboxing of the Memebox Oriental Medicine beauty box. 

The product card, as usual - thankfully, with photos. I would never have figured out which one the hand cream was, otherwise.
Memebox Oriental Medicine Beauty box review, unboxing, photos
Here is what I received in my Oriental Medicine special Memebox:
  1. D'Ran Wonder Serum 30ml
  2. Purederm Korean Herbal Mask
  3. Donginbi  Red Ginsend Aqua Oil and Aqua Pack Essence
  4. Hanhui CC Cream
  5. Shib Jang Ceng Chin Hi Heang Hand Cream 80ml
Memebox Oriental Medicine Beauty box review, unboxing, photos
The D'Rain Wonder Serum is made of 20 Korean medicinal herbs including ginseng, black hoof mushrooms, licorice, portulaca, ganoderma (don't ask) and so on. This is supposed to deep-hydrate and prevent signs of ageing. I will begin this once my DK Sprouts serum is over, and before I recommence Lancome Advanced Genefique.
Memebox Oriental Medicine Beauty box review, unboxing, photos
For weird reasons, I received the Purederm Korean Herb Mask in "Jung-an" - for oily and combination skin - as well as in "Yoon-an" - for dry skin. I can use the first one, obviously, but the second will have to go to my Mum or someone.
Memebox Oriental Medicine Beauty box review, unboxing, photos
Donginbi Red Gingseng Aqua Oil and Aqua Pack Essence
Donginbi is supposed to be a premium brand. Anyone remotely familiar with Korean skincare must be aware of the benefits of red ginseng. The oil is a moisturiser while "essence" is a step in Korean skincare that follows toner application, before the serum or moisturiser.
Memebox Oriental Medicine Beauty box review, unboxing, photos
Hanhui CC Cream 50ml
For once, a CC cream that actually suits my skintone. The product is white but adapts to each skintone. This contains red ginseng, cactus, fermented "galactomyces" and so on for a natural glow. Will use on days when I do not need full-coverage foundation i.e., rarely.
Memebox Oriental Medicine Beauty box review, unboxing, photos
Shib Jang Ceng Chun Ji Heang Hand Cream 80ml
Now this is handy (pun unintended; blame it on travel-fatigue). I am running out of hand creams. This contains olive oil and wild ginseng extracts that are "110 years old", according to the write-up. Now I am not sure whether that is positive or scary. Anyway, since I do not get breakouts on my hands - so far - I will venture out of my comfort zone and try out this cream soon.
The name of this hand cream, incidentally, reminds me of the time I wrote something about "uvulopalatopharyngoplasty" for an article and my boss sent back the copy to me with the one word," Ugh".
Memebox Oriental Medicine Beauty box review, unboxing, photos
With all those full-sized products at $23, don't you think this is a good deal? Unfortunately, this set of beauty boxes is sold out now, but you can see other Memeboxes here, Superboxes here, and the combo or value sets here. You can use my referral code NS8OZ9 to get $5 off your order until July 31. Go through my link here to check out other deals on the boxes listed on this page. Another code, TRYMEMEBOX, is good for $15 off until July 8, and MEMEBUNDLE3 is good for an extra $5 off if you buy three boxes, through the month. No code can be used more than once or combined with another.
P.S. Please sign this petition to get Memebox to ship to all countries, even if yours may already be included in the list. Thanks a bunch! Box was paid for by me, not a PR sample. Post may contain affiliate links.

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