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Saturday, August 23, 2014

10 Minute Memebox review, unboxing

Memebox 10 Minute beauty box review, unboxing
The 10 Minute Box is my Gran's favourite Memebox. Because she got three products. In fairness, I bought it because I had a tonne of points to use up and because the USP of the box did appeal.
A 10 Minute box was supposed to contain products that would get you all polished up in a mere 10 minutes before you were out of the door for a romantic night out. Sounds fabulous, innit? I take 20 minutes to get ready, post-shower, including a spot of serum or moisturiser, primer, eyeshadow, foundation, hair, lips, dressing up and everything else. Less, if I skip the second coat of mascara. But I will tell you about my everyday routine another time.

Here is the unboxing and review of the 10 Minute beauty box from Memebox.

The contents of the Memebox 10 Minute Beauty Box are:

  1. Aromalab Designer Fragrance Oil
  2. Hope Girl Powdery Body Perfume
  3. Hope Girl Milky Balm Lipstick
  4. Secret Romance Hair Essence
  5. Laboratory Eyelash, 5 pairs
Five full-sized products there. A quick look at each.
Memebox 10 Minute beauty box review, unboxing

Aromalab Designer Fragrance Oil

This is a roll-on perfume. Not quite my fragrance. I am a fresh-citrus or a mild-floral person. Not into heavy floral. I also love bergamot in any perfume. This has a fruity top note (can't stand fruity fragrances) with raspberry, grapefruit and violet and a vanilla base. My Gran loved it, so off to her it went. Incidentally, it was their 60th Wedding Anniversary when the box arrived!
Memebox 10 Minute beauty box review, unboxing

Hope Girl Powdery Body Perfume

So this is actually a powder. Anyone here remembers talcum powder? At one time, it substituted deodorants. But my Gran said she wore talcum powder in place of foundation for her own wedding, so I gave he the sealed box and she actually wore it for her 60th Anniversary dinner!
Memebox 10 Minute beauty box review, unboxing

Hope Girl Milky Balm Lipstick

I got Red Burgundy. You know I am a dusty rose person. This is way too deep for my liking. My Mum was watching Gran (HER mother) get most part of the contents of this box, so I handed this lippie to her. She likes the shade, though she says it certainly does not last the 10 hours the product card promised. I'm not surprised.
Memebox 10 Minute beauty box review, unboxing

Secret Romance Hair Essence

I actually liked the smell of this - a "pheromone" hair essence that nourishes as well as keeps the hair sweet-smelling. This contains angelica root, grapeseed oil, aloe vera and ginseng extracts. Gran liked the smell and texture so I gave this to her as well.
Memebox 10 Minute beauty box review, unboxing

Laboratory Eyelash, 5 pairs

Memebox 10 Minute beauty box review, unboxing
Eyelashes in a 10-minute box?? If you do manage to wear falsies and everything else within 10 minutes, hats off to you! I want your skills! I never wear falsies anyway. This is going into my swap or sell box.
SummaryNot very apt for the theme, innit? Well, how many of these products would you reach for if you had 10 minutes to primp yourself before a date? For my part: none. I would rather reach for compact powder, mascara, highlighter, lipstick and J'Adore, if I had only 10 minutes. And a setting spray, like Urban Decay All Nighter. Also, what's with the Hope Girl overkill?
If it is not sold out by now, check out the Jackpot box (pre-unboxed) for a chance to win products worth up to $1000! Take a look at regular Memeboxes here, Superboxes here and Value Sets here. Tomorrow is the last day of the Memebox Unboxing Week on my blog, after which other posts will resume.
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