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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Eyeshadow Blending Brush Haul From Beautylish

Last weekend, Beautylish had a gift card event - if you shopped for $100, you would get a $20 gift card, which only expires in December 2016. I love shopping at Beautylish because of excellent customer care including handwritten thank-you notes, four- (five at the most) day international delivery with Fedex, and free international shipping above $100. This is not quite a haul; I only bought four brushes without really thinking.
I was somewhat makeupped-out after hauling Advent Calendars and Holiday gift sets wily-nily, so I did not really have a must-buy list. Hemmed and hawed my way through their inventory for a while, and finally decided that I would buy some blending brushes from brands I had not tried before, just to reach $100 and get the gift card. Had I only known I would fall in love....
Here are the brushes I got.

Eyeshadow Blending Brush Haul From Beautylish

  1. Wayne Goss Brush 19
  2. Chikuhodo Passion Series Eyeshadow Brush PS-4
  3. Chikuhodo GSN Series Brush 10
  4. Charlotte Tilbury Eye Blender Brush
First impressions after at least one use and a wash each: 

Wayne Goss Brush 19
People - the hype is real. Had I known the truth about Wayne Goss brushes before, I would never, NEVER have bought any of those brush sets in my stash. Not even one (Kicks self for buying the steel-wire-like Tarte Stroke of Midnight set recently). Instead, I would have bought every WG brush. This is the best blending brush ever. Ever! Even after rough handling and washing, the bristles don't go out of place and I actually don't have harsh lines anymore and do better EOTDs.
Which means other WG brushes must be equally mindblowing. I want every WG (I keep typing Grace after WG and hitting the delete button) brush out there. Obsessed here. I also want back-ups and travel-bag sets. Hopefully I can buy more in 2016 after my ban.
Cost: $27
Buy it here. 
Wayne Goss 19 Eyeshadow Blending Brush review

Chikuhodo Passion Series Eyeshadow Brush PS-4
Them Japanese know their makeup brushes. That much is very clear. Turns out the Chikuhodo Eyeshadow brush PS-4 is not for blending - something I had not noticed while checking out in a hurry. I had my doubts when I first beheld the pointy arrowhead brush, but this thing picks up enough pigment to cover half the face. I now reach for this almost every day for applying eyeshadow to my lids.
Cost: $23
Buy it here. 
Chikuhodo Passion Series Eyeshadow Brush PS-4

Chikuhodo GSN Series Brush 10 
So after trying the Wayne Goss brush, I find I am somewhat spoilt. By itself, the Chikuhodo GSN-10 is impressive; a quicker-to-disperse-pigment blending brush than MAC 217. However, I saw the WG brush first and it is heavenly.
Chikuhodo or Wayne Goss? WG.
Cost: $21
Buy it here. 
Chikuhodo GSN Series Brush 10

Charlotte Tilbury Eye Blender Brush
I have tried CT makeup before but this is my first time with her brushes. You have to love the luxurious packaging. I also love that the brush will not roll off the vanity. The head is not tapered like the other two blending brushes, but on the flatter side, so this will give a more diffused look.
Chikuhodo or CT? CT by a thin edge. However, WG still wins AND is cheaper.
Cost: $34
Buy it here. 
Charlotte Tilbury Eye Blender Brush Review

Have you tried any of these brands before? Which is your favourite eyeshadow blending brush? Tell me in the Disqus comments widget below.

Disclaimers: Bought by self. None of these brands/makers has heard of me/my blog. Not compensated. No ulterior motives. No affiliate links. Zilch.
Please note the close-up photographs have been taken using brighter lighting in order for the bristles to show up. And, each, after at least one wash.

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