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Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas! How early do you shop?

Christmas tree decor 2015It is finally Christmas Eve. I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas - and Happy Holidays to those who do not mark it.
The plum cake is ready, the stockings have been hung, and the presents are all under the tree; I have been trying to figure out - as usual - what the boxes from my parents contain. I suspect one packet contains a couple of books.
Before I go off to sleep "with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head" - Christmas and my birthday bring out my inner child - I just thought I would discuss a Christmas beauty trend that I have been pondering for the last couple of weeks.

We have all heard the phrase, Christmas in July, but will you honestly prepare for Christmas 2016 now?
I will not. Given the state of the world, who knows where we will all be then? Or if we will even be alive? If there will be a world as we know it? Maybe I am pessimistic, but there are brands out there that already want you to buy swag for next year. And, it is not even Christmas 2015 yet. There are department stores that put up their Christmas window displays as early as August. Nothing wrong with planning, but to execute those plans four months early seems a little... off, to me. 

Christmas tree decor 2015And here is the biggest shocker. After their 2015 Advent Calendar sold out in 48 hours, LookFantastic has already put up their 2016 Advent Calendar. Not today or yesterday - the 2016 Advent Calendar went up for sale in November 2015. Wow. That is 13 months early. It ships out in November 2016, but you can pre-order it already. Rather like booking a Harrods Christmas hamper in March for delivery in December.

This is now a trend. A rat-race. Everyone wants to be the first to put their wares out there. To get the customers' money first.
Is this wise? Selling Christmas 2016 products a month before Christmas 2015? What next, tickets to 2045's Second World War Centenary Programmes (I'm sure they will have one, like they did for Waterloo 2015)?
I daresay companies have their reasons for this premature Christmas celebration, but - call me laid back - I prefer doing things at the appropriate time. What if you do your Christmas shopping in July and then see something else that you want to buy in November? Or, if the recipient goes and buys the exact gift you got them, a month later?

What are your thoughts on Christmas 2016 releases coming out in 2015? Would you buy Christmas 2016 swag now? When do you think is an appropriate time to release Christmas-products? Tell me in the Disqus comments below.

Before I go, how cute are these ornaments? I saw them - super-cheap - on the street and had to buy them! Dropped the blue one, so it is a little crushed.
On that note, I wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas once again! 

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