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Thursday, September 01, 2016

July-August Beauty Giveaway Results

Apologies for the two-week delay in announcing the giveaway winners. I've been away from the blog for more than a week, and going through 3,000+ entries takes time. September will be tricky as well - I'm finally taking a break to go trekking in the hills, after two whole years.
So, I may be able to post your prizes only in the second week of September or so. And, with the whole terrorism scare doing the rounds, every post office on earth is now paranoid about international mail, so it WILL take 10 weeks or even more for your prize to get there. Not my fault. My July 8th order from LookFantastic turned up today!
My PO contact tells me that mail is now being examined:
1. In the local office where it is received
2. In the international sorting office before it leaves the country
3. In the customs department of the destination country
4. In the post's sorting department of the destination country
5. In the receiving local post office. 
So please do be patient. Without going all political on this blog, blame you-know-who if you don't get your parcel until November.
Finally, I will not be responsible for customs charges, duties, damage, spillage, breakage or loss incurred in the post. I will be using registered post; that's it. 

Now for the pleasant part. The winners. Scroll down.

You know the drill. If your name is below, send me (either via email or the "Contact" tab on the menu bar above) your:
1. Full name
2. Full address INCLUDING postcode and country
3. Telephone number
I will NOT use the above for anything apart from sending your prizes :)
July Beauty Giveaway
Congratulations, you two! As I said, it WILL take quite a while for both our postal and customs authorities to be convinced we're not swapping international secrets or planning to blow up the planet, so your prize WILL be crawling around for a bit. I'm sorry about that. Like I said, you know whom to blame.
Once more: I will not be responsible for delays, customs charges, duties, damage, spillage, breakage or loss incurred in the post. I will be using registered post. I can be sad if any of the above occurs; that is all.

Didn't win? WHOA, don't hit that unfollow button! New giveaway starts over the next couple of weeks. I'll go on holiday only after it begins :) Stay tuned!

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