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Friday, December 15, 2017

Add Subtle Warmth and Glow To Your Face With By Terry Compact Expert Dual Powder

Anyone else here who cannot get the hang of Instagram contouring? I fail to master the sharp-sculpted-cheekbones-look at all levels. So in a rather clever display of "sour-grapes", I vote for a subtler look, a softer glow.
By Terry's Compact Expert Dual Powder offers just that; it comes in a demurely-packaged compact of two finely-milled powders. There are eight shades in the range, so you can choose from a blush-bronzer combination, a blush-highlighter combination, or a bronzer-highlighter combination. I prefer the last one.
This means that you only have TWO differently coloured powders to grapple with; just the two shades to figure out what goes where. Those multi-pan face palettes give me the heebie-jeebies, no matter how many face charts and instruction manuals the brands include. This one is a lot less daunting.

Scroll down for a review and demo of the By Terry Compact Expert Dual Powder.

How to add Subtle Warmth and Glow To Your Face With By Terry Compact Expert Dual Powder

Please watch this video for my review, and for a demo on how to achieve a subtle warmth and glow with this compact! Please do subscribe to my channel, and do give me a thumbs-up!

This has now become my go-to for some warmth and colour on the face. It is very easy and quick to use (and figure out), and the powders are so beautifully milled, and stay nicely on my oily, acne-prone face. I really like that this compact keeps it simple. Best of all, I can wear it on an everyday basis, unlike a heavier contour.
The warmer colour isn't muddy or streaky, and the highlighter isn't Edward-Cullen-sparkle. It's all quite subtle and wearable.
Now that the contour-overkill is hopefully dying out, I hope more brands come out with similar easy kits for some warmth and glow.

To buy the By Terry Compact Expert Dual Powder, go here on Cult Beauty - they ship worldwide. As do Space NK here. If you are in the US, you can buy it here. There are eight choices, with blushes for those who dislike bronzers.
At £38, it isn't the cheapest out there - and the underwhelming plastic packaging will raise an eyebrow, but the performance (and the ease of use; can't stress this enough) certainly belies the external appearance.

Are you a fan of heavy contouring? Or do you prefer a subtler look? Which is your go-to product? Tell me in the Disqus box below!

Shop the By Terry Compact Expert Dual Powder:

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