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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Best Beauty Products of 2017: Skincare Favourites

I spent the major part of the last weekend ruminating over my wardrobe - as everyone, from my Mum and Gran to my friends, keeps telling me, it is boh-ring, old-maidish, and predominantly black. So I went out hunting for new outfits and came home with two - both black.
Mum came to see for herself, and lost it. She has now taken matters into her own hands. Apparently, for her Christmas present for me, she's taking me shopping in the last week of the year (I forsee getting half my hair pulled out in the mad crowds), and will CHOOSE my outfits. I also forsee some rather colourful rows.
She is right, though. From the time I started dressing myself, I've been choosing outfits that actually make me seem older, not younger. My favourite kind is the classic-length shift dress, and I own a few dozen of these in BLACK alone. I can see why she wants to take drastic action, although there is no way I can explain why I gravitate towards the same kind of clothes so much.
Before the chaos due to erupt during the wardrobe-revamping process, let's get this year's Best of Beauty series out of the way. I've started with skincare; stay tuned for makeup posts!

Scroll down for the first in my Best Beauty Products of 2017 series - this one is all about my skincare favourites!

Best Beauty Products of 2017: Skincare Favourites

Please watch this video for a full look at my 2017 skincare favourites. Do also give me a thumbs-up and subscribe to my channel to stay updated!

These products form the core of my skincare routine, though I admit I supplement with further treatment products, depending on whether my skin is acneiac, flaky, too oily, or hyperpigmented.

What are your favourite skincare products from 2017? Do tell me in the Disqus box below!


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