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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Spring 2019 Makeup Giveaway RESULTS

Spring 2019 Makeup Giveaway RESULTS
So I'm about 10 days behind with the results of the Spring Makeup Giveaway... for starters, my Dad had a medical emergency - sudden onset of hernia - and is due for surgery on the 27th. He's already recovering from an odontoid fracture in the brain, so they cannot give him general anaesthesia. Then, my Gramps - whose knee replacement surgery has been postponed to July - decided to scare everyone further when he ruptured a blood vessel inside his eye, which was caused by high blood pressure. The bleeding has been stopped, and the offending blood vessel repaired. As if all this wasn't enough, I ended up in the ER with swallowing difficulty, a swollen neck, and bad itching - severe allergic reaction - on Tuesday, which necessitated more steroid and epinephrine shots. I've gained 5kg, and look a proper sight now. Actually, DON'T watch any of my recent YouTube videos, my quadruple-chin and acne will scare you out of ten years' growth.
There's only one way I can make it up to you lot for the delay - have a TWO-PALETTE giveaway next, which should commence over this weekend, so do stay tuned for that.
But before that, the results of the Spring Giveaway. Drumroll...

Spring Makeup Giveaway 2019 Open Worldwide
Congratulations!! Please send me your:
  1. Full name
  2. Full shipping address
  5. Telephone Number
  6. Country dialling code
The last two are purely so the PO can contact you to deliver your package. It will be sent signed-for. I'll try to have it in the post asap, because I'll be away helping my Mum for Dad's surgery, so please try to respond with your details before the week ends; otherwise we'll see a delay until Dad's discharged from the hospital.
EDITED TO ADD: I've had to REPICK the winner because the first winner did not respond to my email even after a week.
For those who did not win - the BIGGEST GIVEAWAY of this year so far is due to start over this weekend! There is always going to be a chance for you to win, because I LOVE thanking you for your support <3 Stay tuned for that, and good luck! 

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