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Thursday, July 25, 2019


I've got over men alright, but there's one thing I haven't ever got over - the Memebox. Remember it, anyone? Korean beauty box that shipped worldwide? Best beauty box EVER? Came JAM-PACKED with beauty products, all full-sized, and in myriad themes and variants, from Superfood, Wine and Cheese, and Chocolate, to weird ingredients, colour- and scent-themed boxes, and regular monthly boxes. New here, and don't believe a WORD I say? Go here rightaway to check out ALL my Memebox unboxings. I bought more than 50 (60?) of the things in a span of about a year and a half.
The problem is that Memebox RUINED all other beauty boxes for me. I am no longer satisfied with half-baked samples. Don't give me random scrubs. Or pencil liners. Or old shite that won't sell, and you want to shill. Or anything that's not thoughtfully curated, but is haphazardly thrown in a box.
Rose Rose Shop, a Korean beauty retailer who ships worldwide, used to do sampler boxes. But the samples were small, and you also got things like fashion earrings, which I did not want. I did buy the one sampler - see here for my unboxing. Then, they stopped those.
Recently, RRS has been doing Mystery Boxes! This is their second season of doing these - I missed out on the first box. They promise at LEAST seven full-sized products, WITHOUT counting sheet masks. That was a deal-clencher for me. For $35, including FREE worldwide shipping, that's just about $5 per product! Plus, you also get samples and other things.
I ordered mine immediately, and was pleased to find that I got EIGHT full-sized products, including three makeup. In addition to those, I also got a bunch of samples, and four sheet masks. To know exactly what I received, go straight down!

Scroll down for the contents, review, and unboxing of the Rose Secret Box Season 2, a Korean mystery beauty box that ships worldwide.

Here are the contents, review, and unboxing of the Rose Secret Box Season 2, a Korean mystery beauty box that ships worldwide
Nothing to disclose

For my unboxing and review, please watch this video. Make sure you subscribe and hit the notifications bell to stay updated on all beauty box and Advent Calendar news!

Unboxing starts at 3:25. Until then, you have me introducing the box, and talking about Memeboxes.

Wasn't that MONUMENTALLY good? Here's a quick photograph, for those who aren't fans of videos (products talked about in detail, including all the makeup, in the video above). As you can see, that heavy brown box is FULL with full-sized goodies, and you can hardly see the sheet masks.
Contents, review, and unboxing of the Rose Secret Box Season 2, a Korean mystery beauty box that ships worldwide

Verdict, and where to buy the ROSE SECRET BOX SEASON 2:

These are INSANELY good. They're definitely the BEST Korean beauty boxes I've seen since Memebox. Move over, Bomibox, Mishibox, Beauteque, Joahbox, No Make No Life, Kira Kira, and all those other boxes that shill sheet masks galore, and have too few full-sized products for the money
We need to tell Rose Rose Shop - collectively - that they HAVE to make this a regular beauty box. At LEAST quarterly, if not monthly. I'd sign up immediately.
To buy the Rose Secret Box Season 2, go here. RRS has included pictures of SOME boxes, but you may not get any of these, or even a mix of them - this is just to give you an idea of what you get for the $35 (it's $33.68 now, INCLUDING free worldwide delivery). I expect these to sell out very quickly - so, RUN, don't walk! 

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