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Memebox Before Special Day review, unboxing

Memebox Before Special Day beauty box review, unboxing
Good heavens, I now have five Memeboxes on my desk, waiting to be unboxed. Not to mention quite a few on the way. I may have to do unboxing posts more often, although I know some of you have told me you don't like the overkill.
For those who came in really late, Memebox is a Korean beauty box that ships to many countries; please sign this petition to get them to add more. They are up at, if you want to take a look. Go here to see previous Memebox unboxings on this blog.
I picked the "Before Special Day" Memebox because my skin has the habit of playing spoilsport on special days. Bad hair days, bad skin days - all those happen right when I have something important scheduled. This, in a nutshell without going verbatim, is what Memebox says about this box: Each girl wants glowing skin before a birthday, a graduation day, a first date. This box contains the most special DIY treatments to pamper the skin from within for a natural glow before your special day.

Here is the unboxing and review of the Memebox Before Special Day Beauty Box.

First up, the product cards. Please click on each photo to enlarge it.
Memebox Before Special Day beauty box review, unboxingMemebox Before Special Day beauty box review, unboxing

Here are the contents of the Memebox Before Special Day beauty box:

  1. DK Sprout Refine Intensive Serum
  2. 100% Cocoon Silk Peeling Balls
  3. SD Hair Steam Hair Pack
  4. Coco Skin Milky Cream Modelling Pack
  5. Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack
Memebox Before Special Day beauty box review, unboxing
Not bad at all - five full-sized products in there. A quick look at each.

DK Sprout Refine Intensive Serum

That serum. It is all that this box needs. My new cult product. If there was a dupe, or anything at all that is close enough to Lancome Advanced Genefique, which is my all-time Holy Grail serum, then this is it.
It contains 10 different kinds of green sprouts and 50 times the vitamin C contained in a lemon. This serum is of natural origin and is not tested on animals. A generous 75ml in there. First impressions are absolutely good with my poor face soaking it all up. Sprouts, clearly, as are good for the outside of the skin as they are for the inside of the body.
Memebox Before Special Day beauty box review, unboxing

100% Natural Cocoon Silk Peeling Balls

While I am not sure how cruelty-free these are, I love the idea of trying out something this innnovative. How intriguing are these! These are exfoliating or scrubbing "balls" that you slip over a finger. Now I have used just the one and have some surprising results to show you but want a longer trial period, for obvious reasons. Just you wait!
Memebox Before Special Day beauty box review, unboxing

SD Hair Steam Hair Pack

I am glad they sent me another steam hair pack. I did not want to use up the one in the Hair and Body box. Now they would made for a decent trial, at least. This is one of those packs which you open, apply on the hair directly, and wrap up with the sticky tape in the pack to provide heat for a while before rinsing out for healthy, soft, hydrated hair. It contains argan oil and royal jelly extracts.
Memebox Before Special Day beauty box review, unboxing

Coco Skin Milky Cream Modelling Pack

Another interesting product. The box contains two pouches; the first is a solution and the second is a powder. You have to mix 'em both, apply it to the face and let it fester stay on for a while before getting rid of it. You can refrigerate the rest. Apparently the pack has the hydrating effects of milk. I would love to see this in the milk-special Memebox as well! I cannot wait for that box to arrive. Dare I hope it also contains the Bounce Cheese Cream?
Memebox Before Special Day beauty box review, unboxing

Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack

I seem to be attracting these packs like flies to a jar of honey. I received this in my Wish Trend Box last year. And I also received another set in another Memebox, which I will show you shortly. Ah well. They contain a generous number of those nose patches which don't do a thing for me, but I can tell you that I know half a dozen people who love them so I know what to do with the lot. In fairness, ever since I started using the Konjac sponge and Foreo Luna, I have not had blackheads or whiteheads on my nose. The silky pore essence is a good primer, though. I can see why this was included - it would come in use for those who can get rid of blackheads or whiteheads with a nose pack.
Memebox Before Special Day beauty box review, unboxing
I did expect to see a couple of other products in this box, a concealer to cover the zits. And an overnight acne-zapping treatment. But there is a nice mix of products to address the hair and skin. Also, those cocoon balls! Ooooh, I need me a lifetime supply!
Unfortunately, this box is now sold out - what Memebox remains unsold that long anyway? But there are some interesting boxes up for sale right now. You can check out their regular Memeboxes and special edition boxes here, the best-of-regular-boxes Lucky Boxes here and full-sized Superboxes here. Use the code 8NQ77J for an extra $3 off your order, though you can use it only once.
EDIT: They have just released a Herbal Cosmetics Superbox featuring natural products containing chamomile, tea tree, lavender, peppermint and so on, as the name indicates. All full-sized products. Do check it out here.
P.S. Watch out for a post detailing my new skin care routine from Memebox-products alone! I tell you, I do not have to buy quite a few essentials now, thanks to these boxes. I pay for all my boxes; referral link included - not that anyone ever clicks on it or seems to buy Memeboxes lol.
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  1. I want that sprout serum! It sounds just amazing.

  2. iswarya laxmiJune 02, 2014

    Awesome box like always. I am super broke to get it..... Some wonderfull goodies.Please review that serum and balls quickly.The cocoon balls look very interesting

  3. NidsGautamJune 03, 2014

    These r seriously interesting items.. Loved the concept of cocoon balls n hair mask..

  4. CosmochicsJune 03, 2014

    I want to know more about the coccoon peeling balls! nice stuffs :)

  5. What a great box! Awesome products, it sounds like!

  6. Mail time must be an adventure at your house.

  7. MyBeautyJunctionJune 05, 2014

    It is! Will review in detail after decent trial but, so far, brilliant!

  8. MyBeautyJunctionJune 05, 2014

    Will do! The cocoon balls have been a surprise innovation and I want more of them in future boxes.

  9. MyBeautyJunctionJune 05, 2014

    They are quite cool lol. I want quite a few more of those. DItto the hair mask but hopefully I should get some in the hair-special Memebox :D

  10. MyBeautyJunctionJune 05, 2014

    I do have some empties each month (do check out my empties posts) but you just gave me a marvellous idea for a post - stay tuned!

  11. MyBeautyJunctionJune 05, 2014

    They are really cool! I will review them in detail after a decent trial.

  12. MyBeautyJunctionJune 05, 2014

    Lol the mailman asks for a cup of tea sometimes. I did go *slightly* overboard buying Memeboxes when they announced the end of worldwide shipping last month but hopefully (some) sense has returned and I'm down to 2-3 boxes a month now.

  13. MyBeautyJunctionJune 05, 2014

    They are! I love how innovative and effective Korean skincare is.

  14. Looks like a pretty good box! I'd like to try out those cocoon silk balls, but then I am a sucker for mucho weirdness.

  15. how do you manage to use all these! :)


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