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Memebox Global Edition 12 review, unboxing

Memebox Global Edition 12 review, unboxing, photos
Memebox Global Edition 12 review, unboxing, photos It was bound to happen. When you order more than 50 boxes - and counting - it is too much to expect each one of them to turn up surviving the trials of international airmail unscathed. That said, this is the only damaged Memebox I have received so far and I am hoping that customer care addresses this issue soon.
I have always maintained that the Global Edition boxes are the pick of the lot, in terms of mix of products, and value for money. For those who miss out on Global Editions, Luckyboxes contain a great selection of products from previous Global Edition boxes.

Here is my unboxing and review of the Memebox Global Edition 12.

The moment I opened the external packaging and saw the box, I knew I had a veritable mess on my hands. As you can see, the contents have leaked right out of the box. And the smell was terrible.
Memebox Global Edition 12 review, unboxing, photos
The product card was ruined as well.
Memebox Global Edition 12 review, unboxing, photos
Inside, this was the sorry state of affairs.
Memebox Global Edition 12 review, unboxing, photos
Memebox Global Edition 12 review, unboxing, photos
Memebox Global Edition 12 review, unboxing, photos
I have figured out the contents of the box:

Ryo Anti-Hair Loss Treatment

This is infused with green tea, "gold extracts" and biota and coix seeds and is supposed to prevent hair loss and strengthen thin, damaged hair. This is to be applied on wet hair and rinsed off. This tube needs serious cleaning before I can contemplate using it, as there is goop on the threads in the lid and the seal inside has come off. I am not sure how much of the leaked product is the anti-hair loss treatment and how much is the depilatory cream.

Banila Co. Claypatra Mineral Salt Clay Pack

Containing Dead Sea Minierals, this pack will remove dead skin and excess sebum and unclog pores. and nourish the skin. I'm afraid the yellow goop has leaked inside the pack and I cannot use it - it is reeking.
Memebox Global Edition 12 review, unboxing, photosMemebox Global Edition 12 review, unboxing, photos

Pagentra White Mark Cream

I do not need a stretch mark-cream, so I will be passing this on to my sister - I doubt she has them either, but I daresay she has friends who do.
Memebox Global Edition 12 review, unboxing, photos

Plagentra White Mark Lotion, Cream and Massage Gel

These sachets also seem to be for stretch marks.
Memebox Global Edition 12 review, unboxing, photos

Lvida Nail Polish in Passion Blue

This is my favourite product in this box. The packaging is a bit like Ciate, with a little white flower instead of the bow. This is a really nice blue.
Memebox Global Edition 12 review, unboxing, photos

Palan Crysence Organic Hair Essence

This is a non-greasy, leave-in treatment for dry, damaged hair. The external packaging has been damaged but nothing has leaked inside, because this is a pump.

Inter-cos Smooth Hair Removal Cream

Now this is responsible for the ruin of the entire box. The bottle broke in transit and the sulphides in the depilatory cream caused my entire flat to reek before I ran for it. I am undergoing laser hair removal so I do not use depilatory creams anyway.
Memebox Global Edition 12 review, unboxing, photos
This would have been a good box, even though the depilatory cream and the stretch mark creams are products that I cannot use, but unfortunately the damage means that I can salvage only the nail polish and the hair essence, really. Even the anti-hair loss pack tube has to be thoroughly cleaned to get the smell out before I take it into the shower.
I have emailed Memebox and they have said their customer care will get back about this. Ideally, I was going to wait to unbox this until I heard from them, so in case they sent me a replacement, I could have chucked this and shown you that. But it has been a while now and I wanted to show it to you asap.
I really hope there will be better packaging and no depilatory creams in future boxes, and, more importantly, no damaged boxes. Global Editions - and Luckyboxes, as I said - are the pick of the lot, and are definitely worth the $23 they sell for.
You can check out Global Edition 15 here, and Luckybox 9 here. Other Memeboxes are here and the combo or value sets here. You can use my referral code NS8OZ9 to get $5 off your order until July 31. Another code, TRYMEMEBOX, is good for $15 off until July 8, and MEMEBUNDLE3 is good for an extra $5 off if you buy three boxes, through the month. No code can be used more than once or combined with another. 
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