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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Lip Factory Box June 2014 review, unboxing

Lip Factory June 2014 beauty box review, unboxing
There is nothing like the feeling of relief you get when the packages you were expecting turn up a day before you travel. I have had a fair number of packages turn up over the last three or four business days, and will be reviewing the products in due course.
I cannot find a theme for the June 2014 Lip Factory Box - normally, the theme is printed on the product card. Next month, however, is their anniversary special box, so that ought to be something to look forward to. By law of averages, it should be the all-lips box, but I don't think they will do the all-lips during the anniversary month, since they did not combine the two last year.
Be that as it may, Lip Factory is a makeup-centric beauty box that ships worldwide. They are best-known for brilliant customer care and a greater degree of customisation than many other beauty boxes. Read on for more details.

Here is my unboxing and review of the June 2014 Lip Factory beauty box.

As I said, the product card does not have the theme printed anywhere this time.
Lip Factory June 2014 beauty box review, unboxing

And, here are the products I received in my Lip Factory beauty box for June 2014.

  1. Girlactik Eyeshadow in Lush
  2. Girlactik Eyeshadow in Penny
  3. Model Co Eye Define Eye Pencil in Black
  4. Befine Lip Serum
  5. 29 Cosmetics Line Maker Lip Pencil
  6. Befine Food Skincare Warming Clay Mask
Lip Factory June 2014 beauty box review, unboxing
Now for a quick look at each.
Last month, Lip Factory had said they would send out Girlactik Beauty products in this box. Girlactik, founded by Hollywood makeup artist Galit Strugano, has been growing very quickly from the beginning. 
I am loving the Girlactik Eyeshadows, especially Lush, which is the most beautiful medium rosy mauve. Lush is pearly while Penny is a decent medium neutral shimmery brown. Both are pigmented and soft and smooth and remind me of the best from Sleek. Incidentally, Allure Magazine had picked one of Girlactik's eyeshadows as the best brown eyeshadow of the year in 2007. I would swatch for you, but I am so unbelievably buried in a few dozen last-minute things. And the football. Watch out for eye looks with these, especially the mauve one!
Lip Factory June 2014 beauty box review, unboxing
Model Co Eye Define Eye Pencil is a regular black eyeliner. I keep packing black eyeliners and they keep mysteriously disappearing from my travel makeup bag each time I open it to pack something else, so this is a very timely arrival that has already gone into said bag. I hope, once I reach and unpack, I will find it in there. If it has disappeared, I am NOT going to splurge on black eyeliner from Sephora, but will wear virulent blues and orange liners all the time.
Lip Factory June 2014 beauty box review, unboxing
Another product I am really excited about in this box is the Befine Food Skincare Lip Serum. This is an all-natural product containing chamomile and beetroot extract, meant to heal parched lips. I have flaky, dry lips all the time unless I use Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub, reviewed here, followed by a dollop of Dr Smith's Rosebud Lip Salve, reviewed here, so I do hope this product does what it says.
Lip Factory June 2014 beauty box review, unboxing
I love 29 Cosmetics, and this time, I have the Line Maker Lip Pencil from them. It is a seriously too deep brown-berry shade for the dusty rose or neutral lipsticks that constitute the major part of my stash, but I know my aunt will welcome it for a couple of her deeper lipsticks. As with other 29 Cosmetics products, this contains grape seed extract, too.
Finally, here is the Befine Food Skincare Warming Clay Mask, which I have reviewed here. If I had to pick one absolute favourite face mask ever, this would be it. It warms up on the face, does not dry tight, is easy to rinse off, and leaves my skin squeaky-clean and smooth. Having tried this mask before, I know that this pachette is good for three uses, easily - four at a pinch.
I know a lot of people got the Palladio Nail Strengthener base coat in this box, but the Befine Mask is instead of that - nail polish is HAZMAT and is not allowed to be shipped internationally. I have a dozen or so base coats, so I don't mind the skip at all. I love Lip Factory for finding a replacement that cost exactly as much. And, no lip gloss in this box! The only thing I was a bit meh about was the lip pencil, although 29 Cosmetics is not a low-end/drugstore brand.
So after the last couple of disappointing boxes, I am much happier with this one and hope Lip Factory continues to send out decent boxes. I would love to see more from Girlactik, maybe a brush or two or the Matte Lip Paints! I already have a colour in mind for me :)
To subscribe, hit their website and pay $32 a month worldwide including shipping or $22 within the US. You can use my referral code 385650 for 50 extra points apiece which can be redeemed against products or boxes.

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