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Monday, June 30, 2014

Memebox From Nature giveaway winners!

Memebox From Nature beauty box giveaway
I am travelling from tomorrow, so posting this is a priority before the suitcase life takes over.
First of all, thanks to so many of you for participating. I believe I have met some new friends and Memebox addicts thanks to this giveaway. A huge round of applause to all the Meme-mates!
Special thanks to Rafflecopter customer care for sorting out the glitches from the last time for me.
Winners need to get in touch with me asap with the following details:
  1. Full name.
  2. Shipping address, including zip code and country, and phone number, for shipping purposes.
  3. Email ID used to register on the Memebox website.

Now for the winners of the Memebox giveaway. Drumroll....!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Congratulations! Please send me your details asap so I can pass them on to Memebox before I board.
If you have not made your Memebox account yet, please do so here asap before you contact me.
Please do not tag each other or the winners or any of my social media channels as comments or posts. Thanks.
Mind you, I do not tell Memebox who gets what; they decide who gets the Nature box and who gets the 10 points at their end. I will forward the email to each of you after I contact Memebox with your details - separately. You don't want to see each others' addresses, right?
If you cannot see the Rafflecopter widget in the post, you may do so here.
As I said before, two people get a Memebox from Nature each, and three people get 10 Memepoints each.
The sad part is that there can only be five winners. However, I am sure there will be more giveaways on this blog, so do stay in touch! Thanks again, and I hope the winners enjoy their boxes/points - do let me know how you get along.
Before I forget, there's a Girls' Night Out box out now. Apparently, the code TRYMEMEBOX gets $15 off  for some people - do check it out for what it's worth!
Disclaimer: I am not compensated in points, money or products or anything whatsoever for this giveaway. Memebox sponsors the prizes and ships them out/adds the points. Post may contain affiliate links.

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