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Sunday, August 10, 2014

At Home Memebox review, unboxing

Memebox At Home beauty box review, unboxing, photos
For more than a year now, I have not been to beauty salons. First of all, I always, always break out after a facial, and catch a bad cold. Secondly, I hate what they call "blackhead removal", where they use this torture device on the sides of my sensitive nose after scalding my face with steam. Then, there is the question of brands used and dodgy products. My hair always looks horrible afterwards and they wrench out half my locks in the name of "styling". They end up trimming my nails into shapes I cannot stand. Finally, I am ticklish and cannot go through pedicures. This is pretty much the case in salons in every country I have visited, and I do not go to dodgy places.
When I heard that Memebox was coming out with an At Home beauty box featuring DIY beauty kits, I was delighted. I could do my own pampering sessions at home, with facial kits, manis and pedis and maybe something like a hot oil massage as well! So what did I receive in this box? Find out!

Here is my unboxing and review of the Memebox At Home beauty box.

The products I received in the At Home Memebox are:

Memebox At Home beauty box review, unboxing, photos

Cotterang Blackhead and Black Mask Economic [sic] Kit 80ml

There is a plastic "petri" disk, 40 nose packs, 20 neck and chin packs, 25 cotton tips, a pincette and a bottle of Blackhead-Out serum in this zip-lock kit. What you do is, place the nose or chin mask on the dish with the pincette, so as not to touch it, and marinate it with the Blackhead-Out serum (which Memebox calls "sauce", but I won't, haha). Then you apply it to nose or chin and leave it on for some 20 minutes. Once you remove it, apparently, blackheads, whiteheads and even dry pimples will be out. Well, I have to try this out! It can only be an improvement on that horrible thing they use to scrape out blackheads in salons, following steaming, which is always too hot for my comfort.
Memebox At Home beauty box review, unboxing, photos

Labstory V Line B-Tox Lifting Mask 

This is a silicon mask which is as good as a facial massage. You can apply any collagen, firming or tightening cream - a sachet is supplied - to the neck and chin and then wear this for some lifting and firming. I do not know how and if this is going to work, but anything is better than the facial massages at the salon, I tell you!
Memebox At Home beauty box review, unboxing, photos

Oseque Silk Foot Peeling Cream 70ml

Remember I told you that the peeling foot masks gave me cramps and treated me rather badly? This one is a cream. You apply it to the feet and then buff off the dead skin with a foot file. So I suppose it works like a scrub. This should be interesting. I hope I do not get cramps or end up feeling cold with this, and will try it out tomorrow or so.
Memebox At Home beauty box review, unboxing, photos

With Shyan Ruby Pusher and Eraser

This is a kit to get rid of the dry skin that grows out of the nail cuticles. The ruby pusher comes in a posh case. I am always misplacing these things. The eraser is a cuticle-softener, kind of like the one Sally Hansen has. I will give this a shot soon.
Memebox At Home beauty box review, unboxing, photos

RiRe Cool Dr Scalp+ and Hot Speed Manicure

Nope, these are hair products, not for the nails. The Dr Scalp+ cools down the scalp and removes dead or flaky skin. I hope it does not give me a stiff neck - usually, almost all oils do that.
The Hot Speed Manicure is like a hot oil massage - it penetrates the hair cuticles and gives a protein boost and deep conditioning to the hair. You need to apply this only to the ends and not to the scalp, so there is no question of stiff neck. This is the kind of product I was looking for.

CNKCOS S3xy Beans

This is one product I don't get. These contain soya bean, corn and caffeine extracts. The product card says these are for tightening and firming and should be crushed and massaged over thighs, upper arms or tummy. That is never going to work. Anyway, half my bottle has turned into powder during transit. I will be trying this out as a body scrub, since it looks gritty enough.
Memebox At Home beauty box review, unboxing, photos
Summary and latest deals
Three Memebox unboxings in a row has still not put a dent in my list of pending posts - there are at least five boxes on my desk, awaiting their turn to appear on this blog.
I love this box! Even more than Global Edition 13. There are such fun kits to try out at home. Whether they work or not, it would certainly be better than visiting the salon. Also, for $23, you can definitely not get so many treatments in any salon. Great work there, Memebox!
The good news is that this box is still available, and you get 3 Memepoints if you buy it from here! Hurry! Also, they have released new boxes including a Pinkaholic box, which I bought, Mask Edition 5, which I bought from, and a Wakeup Makeup box. Use code A3YF for $5 off; AFFILIATE-4130-HVME7-GKKU if your order is above $100, or AFFILIATE-1664-3CEPR-ELBO for $10 off if your order is above $150.

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Disclaimer: Paid for the box, not a PR sample. Post may contain affiliate links.

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