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Saturday, August 09, 2014

Memebox Global Edition 13 review, unboxing

Having bought the Memebox Global Edition bundle 17-19, I was looking forward to the arrival of box 13. Global Edition boxes are monthly Memeboxes and contain a nice mix of products, with no particular theme. They are mostly skin care-centric, although they do contain the odd lip product or CC cream as a surprise. They are always great value for money, especially if you preorder bundles, since you only pay one shipping for multiple boxes. I have already reviewed Global Edition Memeboxes 4, 5, 8-13, with 14-19 on the way, and am regretting missing out boxes 3, 6 and 7.

Here is my review and unboxing of Memebox Global Edition 13.

Here are the contents of the Global Edition 13 Memebox:

CX Detoxifying Air Therapy Pack

This set includes a syringe and a mask sheet. The syringe contains a mineral-rich and carbonated pack which you apply all over the face and then seal it with the mask sheet. Leave it on for 30 minutes and rinse off. Carboxy facials are big in Korea and I'm looking forward to trying this out.

Donga Tempo Eco Natural Super Tampons

Yes, tampons. Tampons! TAMPONS!! I got tampons in a beauty box. I have seen chocolate, playing cards, coffee, aspirin, tea, biscuits, jam and so on in many beauty boxes, and now, tampons. This is an epic fail, because, first of all, this is not a beauty or skin care product and is a personal care product. Also, by now (for most part), most of us would either have had our personal preferences in tampon or sanitary-pad brands (I know I do and I will remain loyal), or some of us may have personal, career or health reasons for regulation or absence of periods. I know people who have had a comparatively early hysterectomy, rather than a natural menopause. Were they buying this box, what would they make of this? What next, will they send out undies in a beauty box? Toilet paper? Aspirin? Insect repellant?
P.S. What is a "super" tampon? Okay, I don't want to know....

CNP Derma-Scalp Shampoo 25g

This is meant for sensitive and troublesome scalps. I really hope it is not the menthol-ish, cooling type of hair product we have seen before in Korean beauty boxes. I will be trying it out later this month.

CNP Tone-Up Sun Protection 15ml

This is an SPF42 sun block. I keep running out of sun protection products, especially travel-sized packaging. This is going to my travel bag.

Yufit Eon Wheat Germ Cream 75ml

This contains organic wheat extract and is a deep-moisturising, anti-ageing, brightening and firming cream. Full-sized. I am always ready to try out new face moisturisers, especially if they are natural/organic. I like the look of this and will be trying it out soon.

Soy Bio+ Fermented Lumpoule 5ml x 2

So a "lumpoule" is an ampoule made from fermented soya bean lumps. Whatever next? I have been wanting to try out fermented products for a while now, so this is quite welcome. What does it do? Apparently, it helps prevent the formation of fine lines.

Nuganic Customised Sun Base Color Control Cream 40ml

I have used up Nuganic Customised Sun Block before and loved it. This is the CC cream. The product is white but goes on colourless. Not much coverage, but at least it is not two shades too pale and blends really well! I will be using this as a sunscreen for the face, below makeup. Or maybe on days when I do not need much makeup, whenever such miraculous days occur!
Summary and deals
Definitely worth it for $23, but this will always be known to me as The Box With The Tampons. There are six other products in this box, of which three are full-sized. I love that there is a shampoo, a face cream and a new kind of face mask to try out. Not too happy that two are sun care products. Variety, please!
Mask Edition 5 is just out, and I bought mine today from here. There is also a Pinkaholic box, which I bought, and a Wakeup Makeup box. Any box from this link here comes with Memepoints back. You can use code A3YF for $5 off your order, or AFFILIATE-4130-HVME7-GKKU if your order is above $100, or AFFILIATE-1664-3CEPR-ELBO for $10 off if your order is above $150.

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Disclaimer: I bought the box, not a PR sample. Post may contain affiliate links.

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